Powerful political, social and economic forces conspire against your health.

It seems that everywhere you turn there’s a threat to your health

  • pollution in the air you breathe
  • toxic mercury in the fish you eat
  • a computer keyboard that gives you carpal tunnel syndrome
  • “miracle” drugs with a long list of harmful side-effects
  • hospitals that incubate deadly bacteria immune to antibiotics, and far more.

Your insurance company isn’t truly in the business of keeping you healthy.  Even your personal doctor is being forced to cut the length of appointment times and provide cookbook care.

The economics and politics of this country make it harder than ever to be healthy.

That’s why you have to fight back.  To respond effectively, you’ll need some principles to guide you.

Here are seven.

1.    Health is a verb.

Health is an ongoing activity, not a fixed state of being.  If you do the things that we know to be good for you  – like eat right, exercise, connect socially, etc. – you’ll be gaining health.  But, equally importantly you’ll be empowering yourself and having a good time discovering your body’s own needs.

2.    Be wary of media manipulation of reality.

We’re saturated with media depictions of how happy, healthy, successful people are supposed to act and what they’re supposed to look like.  It’s all bogus.  You won’t find happiness trying to manipulate your body into looking like a supermodel. Not even supermodels look like supermodels without the help of an army of stylists and Photoshop experts.

Trust your instincts about what feels right for you and your body.  Feel good about yourself.

3.    Step away from your bathroom scale.

It’s difficult to lose weight and keep it off.  Many people see their weight balloon up and down, or give up trying to control their weight altogether.

So here’s a different idea.  Resolve to enjoy more physical activity and the simple pleasure of natural foods shared with friends.  Find a sustainable path to better self-esteem.  Maybe some of the weight will come off, maybe it won’t.  But I guarantee you’ll be healthier.  And happier.

4.    You’ve got to spend money to be healthy.

No one is going to take care of you except yourself.  Particularly not your insurance company.  But don’t worry.  You’re worth the investment.

5.    There are no quick fixes in the health universe.

Your well-being requires a consistent commitment to health action.  Over time you’ll enjoy the results.

6.    Health is wealth.

Wealth is all about having the freedom to enjoy the pleasures of life.  If your health is shattered there won’t be any enjoyment.

7.    Health isn’t a solo act.

Health isn’t just an attribute of you as an individual.  It’s as much an expression of the family, community, and national milieu.  You’re not in this alone.  Here’s more on the biopsychosocial model of health.


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Political, social and economic forces conspire against your health

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