Why chiropractic isn’t “alternative” healthcare

by | Oct 27, 2014 | Low Back Health | 0 comments

Because it’s mainstream.  Or at least should be.

Here’s the latest from a study of low back pain among the employees of a large company. They tracked the use of healthcare resources among all employees with low back problems.

  • People who chose to manage their problem by using a doctor of chiropractic as their main intervention fared better than those choosing other paths.
  • Among those who chose to see a chiropractor, those who started within the first two weeks of pain onset did better and cost their company less money overall than those who waited for more than 2 weeks
  • Of the different types of practitioners (primarily DC’s, MD’s, and PT’s) doctors of chiropractic conformed to published, accepted treatment guidelines the most consistently.

Bottom Line: See your chirorpactor first for back pain.  And the sooner the better.


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