Posture & Body Awareness

Body awareness and the quality of your brain’s movement strategies are keys to a life free of pain and full of productivity, creativity, and physical and mental sharpness.

A selection of Dr. Lavine’s articles on posture & body awareness

Movement is life itself. It doesn’t get any more basic than that.

Most deliciously, human movement has an element that simple motion – a flag flapping in the breeze for instance – doesn’t have.

Human movement involves your brain. The brain creating movement, monitoring it, and appreciating its results.

That’s what truly makes movement central to life and health.

An appreciation of the creative power of the nervous system (the brain) to shape our movement experience, express our essence, and define the way we interact with the world – that’s been central to my practice since I opened my office in 1981.

It’s not just “exercise.” Most important is engagement: body awareness, improving postural support, and appreciating both the functional and expressive ranges available to these bodies of ours.

Here’s a selection of articles I’ve written on these topics:

This snake isn’t the only thing that moves its spine to get around

This snake isn’t the only thing that moves its spine to get around

Snakes move their spine beautifully. But they're no the only creatures who move their spine to get around.
Your muscles are sense organs too

Your muscles are sense organs too

Muscles are sensory organs too. The feedback from muscles is used to control movement, and it's a crucial part of how we express ourselves in the world.
Flexibility – it may not be what you think

Flexibility – it may not be what you think

Flexibility - the ability to move through a wide range - is not the opposite of stiffness. Learn to build flexibility without sacrificing stiffness.
Tight hamstrings are not your problem – and neither is a tight IT band

Tight hamstrings are not your problem – and neither is a tight IT band

Stiffness and elasticity aren't opposites - they usually come together. Healthy muscles are stiff and elastic.
A dancer’s world view and new trends in neuroscience

A dancer’s world view and new trends in neuroscience

As a young person my life was upended and redirected when I first took dance classes. It wasn’t merely because ...
How to get out of a chair

How to get out of a chair

Standing up from a seated position: it's a simple movement we repeat dozens of times each day. That means you have ...
Fluid movement fosters creativity

Fluid movement fosters creativity

The quality of your movement matters. Diversity of movement quality impacts your health and cognitive function.
The plié – best rehab exercise for the knees and much more

The plié – best rehab exercise for the knees and much more

The plié - a basic dance exercise - is the best way to strengthen the knees while preparing the body to absorb vertical landing forces.
Get rid of your chair and sit like a child

Get rid of your chair and sit like a child

The chair is one of the human advances with terrible side-effects. Too much sitting in a chair gives you back ...
The most common postural flaw & how to fix it!

The most common postural flaw & how to fix it!

Here's my new video that covers the most common postural flaw I see in my practice. And how to fix it!. Check ...
Walk on cobblestones to improve your balance and blood pressure

Walk on cobblestones to improve your balance and blood pressure

In today’s modern age, we’re missing out on something - irregularity. In particular, challenging ourselves to walk ...
Stretching your IT Band doesn’t help much – but here’s an alternative

Stretching your IT Band doesn’t help much – but here’s an alternative

To relieve stress on the IT Band you have to learn to shift your weight properly.
This exercise is way better than the bridge

This exercise is way better than the bridge

The forward pelvic shift is a better alternative to the bridge exercise for core support and lower back pain prevention.
I asked one of the world’s experts on the chair

I asked one of the world’s experts on the chair

Professor Galen Cranz, authority on chairs and the seated position, offers recommendations on effective and comfortable work postures.

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“Dr. Lavine’s treatment addresses several conditions that I developed early: fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, knee pain, and foot problems. You’d think I was a walking disaster! But at 61 I lead an active life and manage quite well. I don’t need pain medicines and my overall health is better. I can work long days reading, writing, teaching, and making jewelry– all of which I love.”

Mariana R

“I have been going to Ron Lavine for a number of years. His neurotactile therapy works wonders for the aches and pains which I have. I think it feels better than a massage. I highly recommend him.”

Liz Cook

“I have known Ron for over 20 years. I have had to use his services from time to time because of either back problems, or shoulder and neck issues. Every time, Ron solved my problems through efficient treatments.”

Michel Couturier

About Dr Lavine

“Before studying chiropractic, I studied modern dance and ballet, and became a fanatic about movement awareness, posture, and pattern of body use. I studied the Alexander technique, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Feldenkrais, yoga, Pilates, gyrotonics, and much more. For me, postural awareness and movement quality are the keys to quality of life, and I’m always excited to share this passion with my chiropractic patients.”


Is chiropractic care safe?


Is chiropractic care gentle?

Dr. Lavine uses a range of treatment methods, some of which are extremely gentle. Part of his experience lies in choosing the right style of treatment to get you system functioning better as quickly as possible.

Are there negative side-effects?

The most common side effects of chiropractic care are positive ones – feeling healthier and more robust. Another common side effect is a temporary increase in soreness. This typically resolves within a day or two. More significant side effects – worsening your underlying condition or creating a problem you didn’t already have – are exceedingly rare.

How long will Dr. Lavine spend with me?

There’s no set length for an appointment. But Dr. Lavine never typically schedules more than two patient visits per hour, and leaves double time for a consultation with a new patient.

Will Dr. Lavine treat me on the first visit?

Most often, yes.

Will Dr. Lavine crack my back?

Maybe. One method that Dr. Lavine uses is manipulation of the joints of the spine. This sometimes results in a popping noise as the spinal joints regain their normal mobility pattern. It’s a safe and painless procedure. Nonetheless, it’s not suitable in all cases and it’s never suitable for someone who doesn’t feel comfortable with that method of treatment.

Will I need to come for a series of treatments?

Most often, yes. The goal of the initial visit is to begin to determine what’s causing your problem and begin to find a way to fix it. Sometimes that means that you’ll respond strongly and immediately to the initial treatment and you’ll soon be heading back toward health. But far more often, a series of visits is needed to fully understand all of the ways your body needs help and allow your system a chance to heal.

I’ve heard that people keep coming to their chiropractor for months or even years. Is that true?

Most patients will begin to respond positively within a handful of treatments. Once they’ve achieved their initial goals, some patients choose to continue with periodic tune-up visits to alleviate stress as it builds up and keep on top of their game. That’s an individual choice.

Does Dr. Lavine take my insurance?

Dr. Lavine is not an in-network provider with any insurance network. Insurance networks are designed for the provision of generic chiropractic treatment, not the personalized, diversified treatment that Dr Lavine offers. If you have an insurance plan that covers out-of-network doctors, Dr. Lavine may be able to accept your case on an assigned-benefits basis. Call to find out more.

What about Medicare coverage?

If you have traditional Medicare (not a Medicare Advatage plan) you’ll pay doctor Lavine’s fees and he will submit a Medicare insurance claim on your behalf. You’ll get partial reimbursement based on the Medicare chiropractic fee schedule. Call for more information.

Is Dr. Lavine’s treatment suitable for older people?


Is Dr. Lavine’s treatment suitable for children?


What about X-rays? Will I need X-rays or MRI’s?

There are occasional situations in which imagining tests such as Xrays or MRIs would be useful in determining your diagnosis. But this is infrequent.

What specific methods does Dr. Lavine use?

Dr. Lavine uses a variety of manual therapy techniques designed to help your body reorganize itself to alleviate pain and allow for an optimal pattern of body movement. Broadly, there are three components of treatment: mobilization and manipulation of the joints, connective tissue treatment, and therapeutic movement. Within each of these three broad categories there are innumerable specific types of treatment that Dr. Lavine is skilled in. Every patient is different and every treatment plan is unique.

Will Dr. Lavine work with my regular medical doctor? Orthopedist? Physical therapist?

Of course. With your permission, he’ll send a complete report outlining his examination findings and treatment plan to any of your other physicians or therapists.

Will Dr. Lavine show me what to do to prevent my problem from coming back?

Yes. Any treatment plan also includes self-care tips, therapeutic exercises to do at home, and useful lifestyle modifications to deal with ongoing stressors.

the cat-cow stretch can help with low back pain

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