Want to control your blood pressure without pharmaceuticals?

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How to help your body regulate blood pressure

If your blood pressure is too high, keeping it under control is important to your health. Blood pressure medication is one option. I can’t advise you to not take blood pressure medication that’s been prescribed by your doctor.  But if you’ve decided to try to control your blood pressure without pharmaceuticals, I can share with you some proven tips.

They can really work for you.  I’ve included links to some scientific articles that support their effectiveness.  But try several of them in combination – don’t rely on just one or two.

Avoid loud noise

Get good sleep


Get regular chiropractic adjustments

Take 2 tablespoons of unpasteurized, unfiltered apple cider vinegar in a glass of water twice a day

Supplement with rauwolfia (aka snakeweed)

Take 4 or more cloves of garlic a day (or a garlic capsule instead)

Supplement with potassium

Exercise with high intensity interval training (HIIT)

Include regular weight-training

Take extra fish oil

Add turmeric to everything, or take a curcumin supplement

By using these strategies in combination, you can look forward to a significant drop in your blood pressure.

Enjoy your health!


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