Modern life exposes you to an unprecedented variety of artificial chemicals.


And some of them show up in the products you’re closest too – the skin care and cosmetic products that you lather with, beautify with, smear on, or use to clean your skin.  Since you can absorb toxic chemicals directly through your skin, you may be unknowingly exposing yourself to significant harm.

The issue can get quite complex.  In fact, the group Chemical Safe Skin Care estimates that an average woman applies 175 different chemicals to her skin every day.

Here are some questions your might want to ask:

  • What potentially harmful chemicals are in makeup and skin care products?
  • Can you trust the manufacturer to use only ingredients known to be safe?
  • What if you’re allergic or sensitized to certain chemicals?
  • How do different potential toxins interact?
  • Are product labels complete and accurate?
  • Are products touted as “natural” or “organic” really any better?

Cosmetic Database

A patient of mine alerted me to a handy database that addresses these concerns – the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.

Gather up all your cosmetics, skin and body care products, toothpaste, deodorant, and the like.  Then enter each one into the database.

Discover what’s really going on and the steps you can take to protect yourself.


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