Top 5 Exercises to Strengthen Your Shoulder and Avoid Rotator Cuff Problems

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Shoulder pain and stiffness is one of the most common problems I see in my practice.
Why are shoulder problems so rampant? For starters, there are all of the sports that stress the shoulder. For example:

  • swimming
  • throwing a football
  • tennis
  • pitching a baseball
  • incorrect weight-lifting

Then there are ways to aggravate your shoulder from daily activities:

  • carrying heavy boxes or suitcases
  • lifting things onto a high shelf
  • opening a jammed window
  • getting jerked around by the dog you’re walking

Then there are all the ways you can stress your shoulder from lack of activity:

  • sitting at a computer all day, or
  • sleeping on one side and compressing your shoulder

Shoulder Pain Diagnosis?

Whatever the cause or combination of causes, shoulder problems can be complex and difficult to diagnose.

There are a range of possible diagnoses, and most people actually have a combination of factors contributing to shoulder pain. Here are a few of the common diagnoses:

  • rotator cuff tendinitis
  • trigger points of the shoulder muscles
  • impingement syndrome
  • bursitis, and worst of all….
  • frozen shoulder syndrome

Serious Danger Lurking

In some cases, what starts out as a minor problem can progress to become a more severe and disabling shoulder condition: frozen shoulder syndrome. With frozen shoulder syndrome you lose much of the range of motion of your shoulder joint. It can take six months or even longer to fully regain function (if you ever do). That’s a scenario you want to avoid at all costs.

Doctors can get frustrated trying to treat shoulder pain

The best strategy is to make sure shoulder problems don’t have a chance to surface in the first place.

Or, if you’ve already begun to have pain or movement limitation in the shoulder, you want to quickly restore normal pain-free function.

Therapeutic exercise – the essential ingredient

Correct exercise is invaluable in preventing shoulder pain.  And it’s one of the methods used to treat shoulder joint problems once they’ve begun.

Why does a therapeutic exercise program sometimes fail?

The pitfalls of rehabilitative exercise include:

  • Certain shoulder exercises can irritate the exact muscles or tendons you’re trying to strengthen
  • There are hundreds of different exercises that have been recommended at one time or another for the shoulder. How do you choose which ones will work positively for you?
  • Even if you’re doing the correct exercises, you could be doing them the wrong way
  • You may not have access to fancy equipment. Not everyone is a member of a pricey gym with state-of-the-art machinery.
  • You have a limited amount of time in the day to deal with you shoulder problems. If you’re at all like most of my patients, you’re not going to spend thirty minutes (or even twenty minutes) a day working on your shoulder. You’ve got too many other priorities.

That’s why, from my years’ of experience with shoulder problems, I developed a valuable video:

Top 5 Exercises to Strengthen Your Shoulder & Prevent Rotator Cuff Problems

This video shows you the quick, simple, safe and effective way to limber and strengthen your shoulder to prevent pain or stiffness. Or, if you already have a shoulder problem, these exercises can help form the core of your long-term solution.

To be sure, I’ve never met you or had a chance to examine your shoulder. So you can’t expect the exercises in the video to address the specifics of your condition – you’ll need your own physician or other healthcare provider to help you with that.

But the exercises in Top 5 Exercises to Strengthen Your Shoulder and Avoid Rotator Cuff Problems are battled-tested. They’ve been rigorously selected from among hundreds of possible exercises because

  • they’re simple to use
  • they require no special equipment
  • they’re safe, and
  • the entire program will require less than ten minutes of your busy day.

And they’ll help keep your shoulder in top working condition.

Start today at the pre-release price of only $9.95. (Regular Value $17.95)

Once you confirm your purchase, you’ll receive a return e-mail within the next 24 hours with a link to the downloadable video.  It’s filled with the valuable information you need to get your shoulders working and feeling right.

And don’t worry – if you’re not satisfied, you can easily get a full refund any time in the first thirty days, no questions asked.

Dr. Lavine’s Prescription Exercise Program

Module 2

Top 5 Exercises to Strengthen You Shoulder and Avoid Rotator Cuff Problems

Pre-Release Special Only $9.95 (Regular Value $17.95)

Discover the simple ways to keep your shoulders on the healthy path.
Start today.


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