The two big impacts your body has to deal with when you run

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Control the forces of vertical landing and lateral shift to run more efficiently, prevent injuries, and gain speed

When you run, you place a huge, repetitive vertical load on your feet, knees, hips and low back.

That’s already a big challenge for your muscles and joints.

But that’s not the only thing your body has to deal with. You’re also shifting side to side, as you alternately land on the right and left foot. The lateral shift action challenges the sacroiliac joints, piriformis muscle, hip joint, and iliotibial tract.

Overuse injuries

Almost all of the overuse injuries that plague runners are due to inadequate control of these two types of biomechanical force.

Poor control of vertical landing leaves you at risk of

Poor control over lateral shift leaves you at risk for

Don’t wait for a problem to emerge — be proactive

Benefit from Dr. Lavine’s more than 40 years experience in helping runners and endurance athletes achieve ambitious goals. Bounce back from injuries more quickly, and gain the strength and body awareness to run more efficiently, with less risk of repetitive overuse problems.

You’ll gain an understanding of proper alignment and the patterns of muscle activation that support it. You’ll also learn some simple strengthening exercises to shore up the weak links in these kinetic chains.

You’ll run more efficiently, with less chance of injury and increased speed.


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