The importance of touch – Dr. Lavine interviewed by Veronique Cardon

by | May 12, 2020 | Personal Stories, Politics of Healthcare, touch and health | 2 comments

In 2018 I was interviewed for the Cognidiet Healthy Lifestyle Show; the interview was aired in May, 2020 on Princeton Community Access Television.

Nowadays, in the midst of the corona-virus shutdown, focusing on the value of touch is more important than ever. We’re forced to adapt to severely restricted use of touch in our everyday lives, with potential negative effects on our health, happiness, and social cohesion.


  1. Merry conway

    Great interview Dr Ron! You were so clear and articulate— some science, some anatomy, some common sense and nice warmth. You packed in lots of information as well as revealing that kindness you have as a person. Bravo!

    • Ron Lavine, DC

      Thanks Merry! We miss you.


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