A selection of Dr. Lavine's articles on stress...
Stress: Attack of a saber-toothed cat? Or social isolation?

Stress: Attack of a saber-toothed cat? Or social isolation?

I’ve read it or heard it a hundred times. You have too. It’s the classic depiction of the human “fight or flight” ...
Build stress resilience

Build stress resilience

Stress is bad for your health. But it’s not as bad for some people as it is for others. In part, it could be that ...
Why is touch so important?

Why is touch so important?

Touch is important because it reduces stress and improves health.

Science reveals simple steps to health – 4 latest examples

The health breakthroughs we need don't have to come from a high tech research lab. Four recent scientific articles underscore the value of common sense and public health approaches.

Are You Over-Stressed or Under-Recuperated?

Dealing with stress is a universal fact of modern life. It comes at you from every direction – at work, when ...

What’s Your Mindfulness Quotient?

You know the importance of proper mental attitude to achieving your goals and enjoying life at the same time. But finding the properly-nuanced balance between focus and relaxation is the spiritual challenge we all face. Here's help to face the day...

Gain Control Over Depression and Anxiety

The more I've learned about depression, anxiety and stress, the more I've realized two things: 1) they're extremely potent issues affecting all aspects of health, and 2) they're individual experiences which are intimately interconnected with our social experiences.

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