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Probiotics for depression

Probiotics for depression

Probiotics may be effective for depression.

Benefits and risks of antidepressant medication

Antidepressant drugs cause a dangerous 33% increase in mortality. Safer alternatives exist.

Latest Medical Research

Latest medical research of interest.

Rewrite Your Experience of Depression and Chronic Pain

If you experience depression and chronic pain, don't let negative emotions take over. Discover how to rewrite your experience and introduce counterbalancing thoughts.

Do You Need Folate Supplements?

Facts about folate: its role in human metabolism, natural food sources, and the possible need for supplementation.

Exercise Treatment for Depression, Anxiety

Exercise is proving to be more effective than medication in the treatment of common mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.
Are Antidepressants Effective?

Are Antidepressants Effective?

Depression has emerged as a major health problem, with as many as 10% of Americans now on antidepressant medication. Are these drugs helpful? What are the alternatives?
Restore lean muscle

Restore lean muscle

Chronic pain and chronic illness drain your body of its strength. Not only do you feel weaker, you actually lose muscle bulk. And the longer the problem goes on, the more muscle mass you lose. But wait, it gets worse…

Depression and Back Pain

People grappling with chronic back pain often get depressed. But it works the other way around, too - if you're depressed you can give yourself a good case of back pain.

Top Nutrition Doctor Confesses: My Eating Was Out of Control

I heard an inspiring story from a chiropractic colleague I had lost track of for nearly thirty years. Read about his life-long battle with a compulsive eating disorder.

Gain Control Over Depression and Anxiety

The more I've learned about depression, anxiety and stress, the more I've realized two things: 1) they're extremely potent issues affecting all aspects of health, and 2) they're individual experiences which are intimately interconnected with our social experiences.

Chronic or Recurring Pain a Problem for Half of Americans

Doctors are beginning to consider the ways that pain - regardless of its original cause - has a devastating effect on your brain, body, and mood.

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