Mobilization & Manipulation of the Joints

A selection of Dr. Lavine's articles on mobilization & manipulation of the joints...

How to Choose the Right Chiropractor

Finding the right doctor of chiropractic to help you improve your health can be a daunting experience. Dr. Lavine offers some sample questions you can use in interviewing your potential chiropractor.

Five Steps to Take When Back Pain Strikes

When back pain strikes, you'll know some simple steps to help you get out of pain quickly.

News Flash: Chiropractic Saves You Money

A large study by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Tennessee showed that patients who saw a chiropractor for low back pain saved 40% as compared to those who saw a medical doctor first.

Chronic Pain Shrinks Your Brain

An important article by Craig Roberts, DC covers the negative effects on the brain of living with chronic pain and the benefits of chiropractic spinal manipulation to control long-lasting spinal pain.

Keep Your Brain as Sharp as a Samurai Sword

Proprioception is the substrate of cognition. Haven't a clue what I'm talking about? This article will enlighten you.
Headache facts you need to know

Headache facts you need to know

Researchers are trying to develop categories and sub-categories of headache in order to better understand the headache phenomenon. But most people with headaches share a few factors in common. Work on those common factors are see how effectively you can wipe out your headache

Low Back Pain, Section 1

Here's what I wish each of my patients - and all low back pain patients everywhere - understood about low back pain.

Sickness Cartel – Part 2

A doctor of chiropractic responds to an article about the "sickness cartel" - the alliance of drug companies, insurance companies, hospital systems,and medical organizations who have a vested interest in keeping you in fear of sickness.

Sickness Cartel Shows No Signs of Slowing

If you're trying to be healthy (and who isn't?) you need to be aware of the alliance of large drug companies, insurance companies, hospital systems, medical organizations, and large food producers that profit from sickness.
Palpation – The Forgotten Tool of Medical Diagnosis

Palpation – The Forgotten Tool of Medical Diagnosis

Palpation is an under-appreciated aspect of medical diagnosis. Few medical doctors take the time to master it. But the art of palpation is alive and well in the world of chiropractic.

Health Secret All Doctors Depend On But (shhhh!) Few Talk About

If you're sick or in pain, you probably want to know why. But no matter how ill you are, the overwhelming majority of your physiological functions keep humming along smoothly. You can't understand why you're sick without first giving some respect to the processes that keep you almost perfectly well.
The New Science of Whiplash

The New Science of Whiplash

Whiplash is for real. Science proves that people experience back pain, neck pain and headache months and years after an accident. What's the best treatment approach?

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