Stronger together: The science behind the Happy Trails Running Club

by | Jul 12, 2022 | Exercise, Fitness & Rehab | 0 comments

I started the Happy Trails Running Club in the spring of 2022 in order to share with others some of the success I had had in setting and achieving challenging running goals.

I was a bit surprised that so many people signed up. After all, anyone can just go out and run. Why do you need to spend money to join a club?

Each person has her or his own reasons for joining of course, but there’s a science behind Happy Trails too.

Research on social support and how it affects health behaviors (such as running) is burgeoning. Scientists and policymakers alike have been learning how potent a tool social connectedness can be in improving health behaviors and health outcomes.

The value of social connectedness is well documented in athletic pursuits also. Social support

I’m glad to be part of the crew. Find your crew to enhance your fitness and health.

Happy trails!


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