Strength training prevents knee arthritis

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In October 2023 yet another research study was published that shows the benefits of strength training. This one, published by Dr. Grace Lo and others at Baylor University, shows that people who had experience with weight training at any point in their life had about a 20-25% lower incidence of knee arthritis as they aged.

There are plenty of other non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical strategies to prevent knee arthritis or   minimize the negative effects in your life:

Spinal adjustments

Even I was surprised to learn how effective spinal adjustments are in the treatment of knee pain — more effective than standard knee rehab exercises.

NeuroTactile® Therapy

A series of NeuroTactile® Therapy strokes for the quadriceps muscle, the knee joint, and around the kneecap often relieves knee pain.

The plié

This foundational exercises of dance technique is the best rehab program for the knees.

Just walking

Ten minutes of walking a day is all it takes to prevent osteoarthritis of the knee.

Nutritional and herbal anti-inflammatory support

A program of herbs and anti-inflammatory nutrients can be just as effective as potentially dangerous non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Need help starting a strength training program for yourself? Or implementing any of these other self-care strategies? Call (212-400-9663) or email me (

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