Political, social and economic forces conspire against your health

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There are lots of reasons why you’re fighting an uphill battle to be healthy.

Here are a few of them:

  1. The air you breathe and the water you drink are loaded with toxic chemicals. That’s because in this country, a manufacturer doesn’t have to prove that a new chemical is safe before it’s introduced into the environment.
  2. Our government’s agricultural subsidies ensure a cheap supply of low quality foods packed with corn oil and fructose.
  3. You’re working too hard.  Over the past generation, salaries have stagnated while the rewards for investors have grown.  In other words, the rich get richer.  What that means is, even if you have a job, you’re working longer hours than ever.
  4. Rampant medical errors.
  5. Our family cohesiveness has slackened significantly, and our local communities are fragmented too.  That means that your social support systems are weaker and you’re more isolated.
  6. The ocean’s fisheries are significantly depleted, so it’s difficult to find wild-caught fish that you can afford.  And the fish you can buy in the market is laced with mercury and other poisons.
  7. Less recess time at school.
  8. We have a fee-for-service health care payment model.  So when insurance companies try to cut costs by nickeling and diming on reimbursements, physicians respond by incorporating fancier and fancier procedures that command higher reimbursement rates.  The result – you get substandard care wrapped in a fancy package.
  9. Factory-produced meat and poultry.  If you thought through how this stuff is engineered before biting into it, you wouldn’t.
  10. Our celebrity-obsessed culture constantly feeds you Photoshopped images of unobtainable perfect bodies as if they were a norm to which we should all aspire.  The result – poor self image, unhealthy body attitudes, binge dieting and anorexia, mindless cosmetic surgery.
  11. Noise.
  12. Overuse of antibiotics.  With the emergence of today’s superbugs, it’s scarier now than 50 years ago to get a transmissible disease.

These are some of the factors working against you on your path to health.  Perhaps you can think of others to add to this list.

Given this wholesale assault on your right to be healthy, it isn’t easy to maintain optimal wellness.  You need to know what you’re up against.

Choosing health is a politically relevant act.  Fight back.

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