I’ve sure been having a lot of fun with my wife lately.

We’ve been together a long time – over thirty years.  Sometimes months go by when we don’t seem to have much sexual interest in each other.  And (trust me) it’s not that I’m fooling around with other women, either.

But then all of a sudden there’s a rekindling of passion.  Go figure.

I suppose that if you measure “passion” physiologically – penile turgidity, strength and volume of ejaculation, whatever –  there’s been a drop-off from my younger days.  And it’s not only my own physiological changes I have to adapt to, but my wife’s, too.

Also, there are positions we can’t get into anymore.  (Or if we somehow managed to get into them we wouldn’t be able to get out of them!)  But I sure don’t care because I’m too busy having fun.

It makes me wonder about those drug companies again – this time, the whole concept of “ED” that they’re selling.  There are so many factors in a healthy sex life.  For instance, communication.  And what about fatigue, stress, and emotional distractions?  How do ED pills eliminate those?

A doctor friend is a bit of an expert on testosterone supplementation for men of my age.  I should probably have my levels checked.  But I’m skeptical of the medical model – “If your chemicals are low, have we got a pill for you!”  I just don’t want to read the latest medical news a few years from now: “Sorry, all you guys we sold testosterone to over the years.  We forgot to mention that now you’re going to get brain cancer….”  There are known side effects of testosterone.

I’ve heard that weight training boosts testosterone.  And supplementation with carnitine is supposed to help, too.

Meanwhile, simple candlelight and heart-shaped Jacuzzis work for us.  Call us old-fashioned….

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  1. Dr. Tom Cristello

    Hilarious and brutally honest! I don’t know if my testosterone gets a boost from my weight training, but making myself as physically fit as I can be makes me feel better about myself, as well as increases my strength. Hey, maybe I should try some of those positions you were talking about!


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