Protect your knees by walking fast. Five minutes will do it.

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Humans are designed to move. But now we’re learning that we’re also designed to move fast.

A team of researchers from the University of Delaware presented further evidence in support of this truism at a 2018 meeting of arthritis specialists.

Participants in their study wore a pedometer for four or more days so the researchers could get a measure of their walking habits. They looked at how much time subjects spent walking, but also whether they were walking slowly, moderately, or quickly.

Then they followed the subjects for up to 8 years.

Adding as little as 5 minutes per day of moderate or fast walking (more than 100 steps per minute) reduced the likelihood of needing knee replacement by 16% over the 8 year period. 

It didn’t matter if you had some of the “official” signs of arthritis – the improvement was equal for those who did as well as for those who didn’t.

Get moving people……….


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