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Charles FlickingerCharles Flickinger

Dr Lavine has been my chiropractor since the mid- 1980s. Early on he helped me with long term chronic lower back pain. The kind of pain that would cause me to pass out. After 6 weeks of treatment the pain was gone and my back has been fine ever since. Certainly a life changing event because a painful back colors your entire life.
These days we are working on a tight hip. Which is improving. What a like so much about Dr. Lavine, aside from his hands-on success, is his common sense. Often we discuss nutritions role in my well being. (Replace statins with Psyllium husks) Or posture. And very often he teaches me preventative stretching/ strengthening exercises.
And he is an inspiration having run several half marathon and in July completed his first mini-triathlon.
Enough said. Dr. Lavine is a terrific chiropractor and I give him a 5 star recommendation.

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David HodgsonDavid Hodgson

The best thing about Ron is that he does not promise more than he can deliver and does not criticise you for previous bad health choices. I've had many unpleasant medical interactions but😀 his are some of the most successful and enjoyable.

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Carolyn HallCarolyn Hall

Dr. Lavine is a wonderfully approachable, knowledgeable, and thorough practitioner. His approach to treatment is gentle and takes into account your history and your movement patterns to help you feel better but also learn ways to keep active the way you desire to be. Highly recommended!

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Pamela SotoPamela Soto

Would definitely recommend Dr. Lavine, to anyone who suffers migraines. He has helped me get through them with his practice. Fixes my problems in seconds.

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Emily VickersEmily Vickers

Dr. Lavine is skilled, knowledgeable, and a joy to work with. He knows musculature and the skeletal system better than any M.D. I have ever consulted. He's a no-pressure pressure dealer.... always works WITH you, and is never presumptive. He's always looking for the answers, and in my cases ... over the years MANY issues... has always found them. I recommend him all the time. Great doctor!

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Google Reviews

Joe LamportJoe Lamport

Dr. Lavine is an excellent caregiver - his treatments will definitely improve your overall health and wellbeing. Highly recommended. His treatments reduced my neck pain significantly!

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Stephanie DouglasStephanie Douglas

I've been a regular patient of Dr. Lavine's for several years now, and I'm so grateful for his complete care. Dr. Lavine is a real healer in every sense. Yes, he adjusts my spine, but he also asks important questions about diet, stress, posture and offers corrective measures beyond spinal manipulation. I appreciate the time he takes and the thoughtful advice he shares for a healthier life.

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Moath AlkhawaldehMoath Alkhawaldeh

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Ron for nearly five years, and I can confidently say that his work ethic is truly exceptional. Thanks to his guidance, I have maintained a consistent weekly mileage of 100 miles. As a result, I've been ranked as one of the top 52 marathoners in the world and have set personal records in both the marathon and half marathon. Overall, I am extremely grateful for his expertise and dedication to helping me achieve my goals in running.

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Kay SeamellowKay Seamellow

I originally went to Dr. Lavine for pain in my back and numbness in my hands, he not only saw me as soon as possible, but he also listened to what was going on and helped relieve the pain and return feeling to my hands on the first visit. He has a very gentle and holistic approach. I have continued seeing Dr. Lavine for the past several months and every time I see him he does an amazing job!

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Alex GreenfieldAlex Greenfield

Dr. Lavine is great! I saw him after a few months of back tension and discomfort. After a few sessions he not only made the pain go away, but helped me understand and correct my movement and posture that caused the pain in the first place. Dr. Lavine has empowered me to keep the pain away, and also self-correct. I would recommend him without any hesitation

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Shula MelkerShula Melker

Dr. Lavine is attentive and creative in the way he treats both acute and long term issues. I appreciate the way he provides stretches and moves to complete at home in between appointments and as a preventative. I always leave his office feeling lighter, more mobile and much better. I highly recommend him to all my friends and family.

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Michele OchsnerMichele Ochsner

My office visits to Dr. Lavine have offered immediate short-term relief from occasional, but very uncomfortable, back and hip pain. Even more importantly, I come away with insights and exercises that help me avoid injury and which have increased my flexibility and strength. He listens carefully and is proficient in a variety of treatment modalities.

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Mariana Romo-CarmonaMariana Romo-Carmona

I see Dr. Lavine at his Manhattan location, 928 Broadway, 8th floor (right by the Flatiron bldg). I also recommended his practice to a friend who sees him at his Princeton office.

Dr. Lavine should get the Distinguished Chiropractor and Healer Chair, should there ever be one. He has extensive experience in chiropractic and other disciplines, has a 6th sense about healing people, is very gentle, and treats all his patients with consideration and respect. I went to see him for fibromyalgia pain, from which I have greatly recovered, but he also helped me with Morton's neuroma in both feet, and chronic back and neck pain. He's excellent.

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Anna QuickAnna Quick

I highly recommend Dr. Lavine's chiropractic services. I appreciate how he looks at individual needs and customizes treatment using a wide variety of approaches.

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Yelp Reviews

Katie S.Katie S.

Dr. Lavine helped me so much! I was in a lot of pain and he saw me as a first time patient and did an adjustment that relieved the pain. He talked to me and... Read More

Suzanne C.Suzanne C.

Dr. Lavine has helped heal hip, knee, and back pain due to repeat injury, sports injury, and pregnancy. He provided additional support and stretches to work... Read More

Kahn A.Kahn A.

As a result of Dr. Lavine's wonderful treatments, my neck and shoulders haven't had such a wide range of motion in almost four years. As well as having... Read More

Matija T.Matija T.

Dr. Lavine has worked wonders for my entire body. I came to him postpartum after some major post labor issues with my first child, and he helped my body get... Read More

Anne M.Anne M.

I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Lavine! I had never seen a chiropractor before, but found myself with a horribly bound up neck that was causing me a huge... Read More

Natsuko O.Natsuko O.

Dr. Lavine helped me so much with shoulder elbow injury. Skilled and informative, he has a great breadth of knowledge and ease in working with one. I... Read More

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EliFirst phone call I made...

My longtime chiropractor retired during the pandemic. He said there were only three chiropractors in all of NYC that he would trust. His first recommendation was Dr. Lavine... and that's the only phone call I ever made. I find Dr. Lavine's "bedside manner" to be just right. He is thoughtful, inquisitive and full of information. Treating my current ailments has felt much like a science experiment. While he makes recommendations, Dr. Lavine is focused on empowering me to make the best decisions based on my lived experiences and informed by his knowledge. I am very glad to have found Dr. Lavine.

Amber L

Dr. Lavine is so knowledgable and kind. He treats holistically instead of focusing exclusively on your spine--integrates functional movement. I never realized how much I was suffering until he helped me.

A Brener

For over twenty years, Ron has helped with acute problems when I limped into the office and walked out with a straight back and has taken on long range, puzzling issues. He always tries to connect any multiple issues and will make suggestions-even to go to a variety of practitioners- to solve the problem. The goal is always to solve the problem and to teach the techniques to maintain my well-being being in order do self-care. Most of all Ron listens carefully to assess, re-assess, give solid information and welcomes ideas from other practitioners. A listener with magic in his hands!

Thomas Goodale

Dr. Lavine has helped me so much, relieving back pain and working with me to achieve better alignment. I have had several sessions so far and can confidently say that after each one my body has moved with greater ease and I’ve noticed improved circulation and energy flow. Thanks again Dr. Lavine!

NAOMI FRANGOStruly a gifted doctor

Dr. Lavine is not just a chiropractor. He is unparalleled in the way he engages you as a human first, made up of multiple layers (mind, body, spirit, energy), as well as someone in the need of care. He does not apply generic skills or techniques, he works with you, listening closely with his hands. He combines several techniques that compliment one another (cranial-sacrum work, tactile activation on the skin, stretching, chiropractic adjustment). I saw Dr. Lavine for several visits following a recent car accident during my short period in New York and am really grateful to have had him help me through part of the recovery noting each time improvement in mobility, reduction in pain, and how to be in charge of my own recovery. A truly blessed doctor.

Diane Speicherhighly physically active

Initially I was afraid to go to a chiropractor but a friend recommended Dr. Lavine. I soon came to appreciate his gentleness and responsiveness. He pays attention to my body and what I tell him. Over the years he helped me with problems as they’d arise – it allowed me to deal with the rigors of work. Now, as I’ve gotten older he helps me cope with the changes of aging. He draws on his knowledge of movement and the body from his background as a dancer. I especially appreciate his use of Neuro-Tactile therapy. It really helps. I’m able to enjoy retirement and be a highly active person. Last summer I walked 5 miles to and from the pool to swim every day.

Elise M.Body feels looser

I always feel good when I leave the office - my body feels looser.

Beth B.Thank you

I almost e-mailed you to say thank you thank you thank you! I have so much more neck mobility - I was in the car and I felt like I was a bobblehead doll.

Anne Haaswhen your body needs....

When your body needs to be realigned to remove pain, or if you value experiencing the next level of wellbeing, Dr. Lavine has the knowledge, experience and extensive collection of skills to get results.

Abel KahnThank you

I want to thank you for your excellent and awesome work. My neck and shoulders haven't felt this loose in almost four years. Your methods are fantastic, your intuition is on point, and both your caring and concern for me as your patient is very, very much appreciated and noticed. I'm so glad that I was referred to you and had the chance to be your client. If I wasn't moving away, I'd still be in your curative hands. I really appreciate your concern for my well being, and caring for my injury, not just from the chiropractic side but also the cognitive side in relation to the issues I sustained from my injury. I will certainly miss being able to receive chiropractic treatment from you as well as miss your good nature as a person.

Cynthia SternauGettin well, Staying well

When I first met Dr. Lavine last November, I had just suffered two severe muscle spasms in my back. Years of not taking care of myself physically had finally caught up, and I was not only in a lot of pain but also in fear for my future well-being and mobility. A combination of adjustments and neurofascial therapy eased my condition, and at the beginning of our sixth session, my first instinct was to say to myself, "I'm cured." I'm happy to say that Dr. Lavine made me think twice about my commitment to myself--and I scheduled another round of appointments for continuing "renewal" treatments. Now, regularly scheduled neurofascial therapy with Dr. Lavine releases the muscle tension in my back and neck, letting me continue to heal without further injury.

George BlommeGeorge BlommeNo one could have felt worse than me!

It began with back pain and trouble walking and bending. I went to one of the “top doctors” at one of the “top hospitals.” That only made things worse. The physical therapist he sent me to did me no good at all either. Then one day at work my back went out really severely -- they had to send me home in a taxicab. I was in bed for two weeks. I managed to get over that attack, but it happened again less than a year later. My boss wasn’t sure I would ever come back to work. I was a young man, full of energy and drive. But I was confined to bed. Would I ever get better? What was to become of me? None of the doctors could help me. Would I spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair, taking larger and larger doses of Vicodin? My condition seemed hopeless. A friend recommended Dr. Lavine, but I was skeptical. A chiropractor? The idea of seeing a chiropractor was unthinkable. But my pain was so bad and my situation so desperate, I was willing to try the unthinkable. My partner literally had to rent a van and hoist me into it so I could get to Dr. Lavine’s office that first day. Something about him helped me feel comfortable right from the start. I was at the end of my emotional rope, and he helped haul me back. He seemed to understand what I was going through and what he might be able to do to help. I walked out of his office that day under my own power and with a reasonable degree of comfort. He had used his specialty technique with me – NeuroTactile Therapy – and other methods as well. He seemed to have a lot of different ways to help me. Over the next few weeks, his treatment plan worked better and better. I quickly got back to being my old self. Now I only need to come once or twice a year for an occasional tune-up. He’s not just a “mechanic,” he’s a real healer -- of mind and body.

Doug M.Doug M.Huge "bag of tricks"

Ron Lavine has been working on me for over 12 years. He does more than chiropractory -- Ron's helped me define an exercise and stretching routine that keeps my spinal stenosis and arthritis under control; Ron's helped me select vitamins and supplements that prevent bone loss and muscle deterioration; Ron's used related techniques like deep tissue massage to address new aches and pains. Ron has a huge 'bag of tricks' at his disposal that have helped me remain healthy and age gracefully (74 and counting).

Alison ParkerHelp for IT Band

As a long distance runner, I've had bad IT Band issues over the past several years and Ron has helped me work through and past that injury. I'm back to my normal training routine and see Ron monthly to help with alignment. He also provides great exercises for me to do on my own that focus on strength and stretching.

Peter GastaldiKnows his stuff

I have had a bad back for over 30 years, and have seen a number of chiropractors. Ron knows his stuff. Additionally, his website is a wealth of information. I have done back exercises and stretches for years. Reviewing his website and talking with him, I picked up a couple of excellent ideas that I have incorporated into my routine.

Frances Elfenbeinan avid fan

As a 77 year old who has a twice weekly fitness class my enthusiasm occasionally results in some lower back issues. The fitness instructor recommended Dr.Lavine. I've been an avid fan ever since. His gentle holistic approach has seen me through a wrist fracture, lower back pain and even the stress of worsening ARMD.

June ChanI have been a patient of Dr. Lavine's since 2010

I have been a patient of Dr. Lavine's since 2010. I often have trouble with my lower back, neck and shoulders from spending long hours sitting at a lab bench or microscope. Dr. Lavine has helped me maintain good health and I always look forward to seeing him and getting an adjustment.

Chris BurkeKeeping me healthy

It has been 25 years or more that Ron Lavine has been keeping me healthy. I don't hesitate to call on him to help me with any physical problems, most recently with circulation in my hands during the cold months. Over the years he has helped me with low back, hip and shoulder issues as well. I'm now 67 and feel like 35.

Veronique CardonExcellent chiropractor whom I have seen since 2007

Excellent chiropractor whom I have seen since 2007. He understand the body holistically and has treated my left shoulder problem successfully. I trust him.

Margi KernsI was a stressed out TV executive

I was a stressed out TV executive in New York , and I started developing lower back and shoulder pain. It was not easy to even stand up. Dr. Lavine intuitively understood the problem at its deepest levels.He made himself readily available, even outside of my scheduled visits when I was in crisis with pain. He was determined to help me recover quickly and to stay in my game. I attribute my physical and psychological healing during that time to his chiropractic care. His gift of healing is so much more than simply hands on manipulations.

Joy SavilleExtraordinary Chiropractor

Dr. Lavine is an extraordinary chiropractor. He tailors my treatment every visit based on my specific needs. He only adjusts me when necessary and enables me to keep my back muscles more open and relaxed with his treatments. I am grateful and fortunate to have found him.

Emily Vickersseeing Dr. Lavine for a number of years

I have been seeing Dr. Lavine for a number of years. He is not your ordinary chiropractor. I believe his background as a dancer is key to his remarkable ability to understand not only the mechanics of the body, but also the spiritual element in healing. He is my first call whenever I have an ache or pain, muscle or joint. He is a bit of a miracle worker. Thank you Dr. Lavine!

Ed Campanelli...recommended him to several friends

I have been a patient of Dr. Lavine for 13 years. He has seen me through a marathon and five olympic distance triathlons, and more importantly, my life as a primarily sedentary professional. He has consistently proven himself to be a kind, accommodating (budget and schedule!) and holistic practitioner. I have without reservation recommended him to several friends.

Gardiner Comfortwhole family

My whole family has been visiting Dr. Lavine's practice for decades now and we think he is a genius. My mother, a dancer and choreographer, swore by him years ago, and, when I was just 8 or 9 years old, she took me to him, hoping he could help calm down my symptoms of Tourette's Syndrome, a neurological disorder with uncontrollable physical and vocal outbursts. The outbursts ("tics") were overwhelming and exhausting. Ron was eager to help. He treated me with Craniosacral therapy, a form of soft touch massage, and my tics immediately calmed down. This help proved invaluable and I began returning to Dr. Lavine periodically throughout my childhood and teen years. I have since seen Dr. Lavine for other issues with alignment, muscle and joint pain due to running and other exercise and I find his treatment incredibly effective. He is patient, intelligent, and humble and applies intuitive approaches to my problems allowing me to live a more fulfilling life.

Joyce WillisDr. Lavine is different

I have had neck pain for many years -- probably caused by TMJ. I have been to dozens of health professionals seeking treatment, including physical therapists, physiatrists, acupuncturists, medical teams and and alternative health practioners of all sorts., etc. Any relief was short-lived. Dr. Ron Lavine is different. He has magic, healing hands that find and relieve each source of my pain. I also suffer from leg cramps that wake me at night. Dr. Lavine was just as effective at relieving my leg pain. I always leave Dr. Lavine's office completely relaxed and soothed, He is truly a gem!

mark laflaurhighly recommend

I have been a patient of Dr. Lavine for more than ten years and I highly recommend him. Dr. Lavine has helped me with various ailments and aches. Upper back pain, lower back pain, neck, wrist, knee carpal tunnel symptoms - he can help with ball of these issues. Other chiropractors and physicians that iI have seen do not put as much effort into their work. Dr. Lavine continues to refresh his knowledge and skills. He won't be comfortable until his patient is healing and finally healed. One thing that I appreciate about Dr. Lavine as well, is that he always welcomes a challenge.

Bruce FrankelMethodical care and insight

I was having intermittent pain in my leg andSr. Lavine traced the problem to an ankle injury that I sustained six years ago. Methodically, Dr. Lavine addressed the problem for a complete healing of the leg. Now I am maintaining month visits for basic alignment issues. I am grateful to Dr.Lavine for the care and insight that I have received.

Karen MasonTen Star Chiropractor

I have been a patient of Dr. Lavine's for over ten years. I deal with a great deal of chronic and acute low back pain as well as neck discomfort. Dr. Lavine has helped me by using a variety of physical therapies, alone or in combination, that vary with each visit, according to what my body needs. His unique medical experience and comprehension of kinesthetics allows him to use what is most appropriate. He applies chiropractic adjustments, myofacial release, stretching techniques, neurotactile therapy and body mechanics education to help me. I can not say enough about how much better I feel after each session with Dr. Lavine. He deserves a 10 star rating!

Jill CotterSpring in My Step!

Every time I'm in NY I make sure to have a few sessions with Ron. I always walk out of the office with a spring in my step!

Jacqueline H.chiropractor, holistic approach

Dr. Lavine has been treating me on and off for over 18 years. Currently, Ron is helping me with a shoulder problem due to sitting in front of the computer for long hours. After a couple of sessions, I was able to move my arm without pain. The treatment is going to last a few weeks, and I know, from experience, that I will gain back full movement. I am pleased to recommend Dr. Lavine for his in depth treatments and holistic approach to issues.

Deborah Chinrecommend to anyone

I started seeing Dr. Lavine two years ago when I started having chronic neck pain. He used chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy to alleviate my psi and restore a broader range of motion. I no longer wakje go with painful stiff necks. Dr. Lavine has also shown me exercises that I can do to continue to regain my strength. I would recommend Dr. Lavine to anyone.

Michel CouturierRecommend to Anyone!

I have known Ron for over 20 years. I have had to use his services from time to time because of either back problems, or shoulder and neck issues. Every time, Ron solved my problems through efficient treatments.

Liz CookWorks Wonders

I have been going to Ron Lavine for a number of years. His neurotactile therapy works wonders for the aches and pains which I have. I think it feels better than a massage. I highly recommend him.

Mariana RRelief from Chronic Back Pain

Dr. Lavine’s treatment addresses several conditions that I developed early: fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, knee pain, and foot problems. You’d think I was a walking disaster! But at 61 I lead an active life and manage quite well. I don’t need pain medicines and my overall health is better. I can work long days reading, writing, teaching, and making jewelry– all of which I love.

the cat-cow stretch can help with low back pain

Five star chiropractor


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