Reverse cognitive decline with diet, lifestyle changes

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As you get older, some of the developments you fear the most are loss of memory and other signs of cognitive decline. Many seniors become unable to function in their job, or lose interest in vital leisure and family activities. And traditionally, the medical prognosis is bleak: once your brain starts to go south, there’s no turning back – the process only gets worse with advancing age.

But, fortunately, in many cases the medical prognosis is all wrong.

Your mind doesn’t have to deteriorate as you get older. The most common reasons it does are straightforward (and correctable!): you’ve thrown your metabolic systems off kilter with poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, or inadequate sleep.

The medical journal Aging offers proof.

In an article published in September 2014, researchers reported on ten patients with different varieties of cognitive loss. Each was provided a personalized, comprehensive risk factor modification program, which consisted largely of changes in diet, nutritional supplements, exercise, and improved sleep habits.

The therapeutic programs weren’t simple. There were significant diet changes that had to be made, lots of pills to swallow, and a lifetime of poor exercise habits to overcome. In fact, none of the subjects was able to implement the program perfectly. But that didn’t poison the results.

The improvements were dramatic. Nine of the ten patients boosted their mental function and were able to continue working and enjoying a variety of other activities.

If you or a loved one is beginning to worry about memory loss or another variety of cognitive decline, take action. As the article’s author emphasized, making one small change (like upping your intake of vitamin D) may not be enough. You’ve got to attack the problem comprehensively.

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