Not everybody likes to get their neck cracked

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Not everybody likes getting their neck cracked

Of course, as doctors of chiropractic, we don’t like to talk about “cracking” your neck.

Instead, we call the maneuver a spinal adjustment or joint manipulation. When it results in a cracking sound, we call that an “audible release” or “joint cavitation.”

But whatever you call it, a lot of patients feel protective about their neck and the idea of a cracking noise gives them the creeps. 

What’s the purpose of spinal adjustments?

Actually, the cracking noise is an incidental side-effect of a joint adjustment.

The important purpose of the procedure is to improve joint play – the subtle gliding motion of one vertebra relative to its neighbor to the north or south. Sometimes a crack occurs as part of the beneficial effect when the bones spread apart and the joint space opens up.

Here’s an alternative I use

In my practice, I often use a technique I call “cervical joint play” as an alternative to a rapid style joint adjustment. Many of my patients prefer it. While you lie on your back, I palpate the tight spots in your neck and perform gentle rocking motions to free up the movement of the joints. If I can palpate better mobility of the joints afterward, I know I’m doing my job.

Multimodal manual therapy

There’s always more than one way to get the job done. That’s a principle I’ve developed over more than 35 years in practice. And my patients appreciate the flexibility, creativity and experience I bring to my work.


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