My blood pressure quest. Chapter 4: results of my detox program

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I wanted to discover all I could about why my body wasn’t doing a good job of regulating blood pressure. So I had my hair tested and it showed high levels of mercury – 1.7 parts per million. That’s higher than 9 out of 10 people. I shared those results with you in a previous article.
To get rid of the extra mercury, I created a detox program for myself consisting of three elements:
  • something to bind to the mercury and make it less reactive in my body (glutathione)
  • something to help excrete it (activated charcoal, chlorella and cilantro), and
  • herbal supplements to boost my energy and detox metabolism in general (ashwaganda, rhodiola, eleuthero, green tea, milk thistle, and more)
Then, about 3 months later, I had my hair retested.


Take a look at the results I’ve highlighted. My mercury levels went from 1.7 parts per million to 1.5 parts per million. Meanwhile, I had been continuing to track my blood pressure and, sadly, it was hard to detect any significant change downward.

Decision time

I had seen a modest reduction in my mercury levels but no appreciable improvement in blood pressure. What should I do?

I could continue with my program, or even augment it with additional strategies. After all, my mercury levels had gone down a bit, and the truth is that even under the best of circumstances it can take a long time, up to a year in fact, to get rid of accumulated stores of heavy metals.

But I chose differently. When I got back the results of my retest and combined that information with the lack of a promising trend in my blood pressure readings, I decided not to make a lengthier commitment to mercury detox to see if would make a significant difference.

Though I planned to continue with some of the cleansing/detox elements of my supplement program at a background level, I decided to look elsewhere for the key to my blood pressure regulation.

I decided to check my levels of sex hormones – testosterone in particular – to see if I could learn more about my health and what I could do to improve it. I’ll share more about that in the next chapter.


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