My back pain is better – Do I still have to come for my chiropractic treatments?

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An individual episode of low back pain is usually a pretty benign thing. If you have an isolated attack of back pain – even if the pain is severe – you can be highly confident you’ll get over it. With chiropractic hands-on treatment, you’re likely to get rid of pain more quickly. And without the risks inherent in taking pain pills.

Once you’re feeling better, is that the end of the story?

I hate to indulge in negative thinking here, but, unfortunately, an individual attack of low back pain is often only one episode in a long-running drama.   Low back problems are typically degenerative long-term conditions that come and go in differing forms throughout the life cycle. Nearly everyone is affected to one degree or another.

That means that once you’ve had an episode of low back pain, you’re at risk for further low back problems down the road.

The real strength of chiropractic care goes beyond just getting you out of pain as quickly and safely as possible. The key is to re-establish optimal movement function of the joints, muscles and brain to keep your low back working well over the long run.

A research article published in the journal Spine in August, 2011 addressed this exact issue.

Sixty patients with back pain were divided into three groups.

  • Group #1 received “sham” spinal manipulation for the first month.
  • Group #2 received “real” spinal manipulation, but just for the first month.
  • Group #3 received a program of spinal manipulation for the first month, and then regular treatments every two weeks thereafter for a total of 9 months.

Both groups #2 and #3 had better results than the sham treatment group over the first month. Bu the main difference occurred in months 2 through 9. Only Group #3 – the group that continued to receive treatment – maintained low back wellness over the study period.


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