Lower back pain, Section 3: The lifecycle of back pain

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Dr. Lavine treating low back pain

This is the third part of an article on lower back pain.

Need to catch up on your reading?  Here’s a link to the first section of the article.

The lifecycle of lower back pain

Many people have incidents of lower back pain from time to time. Fortunately, most episodes of low back pain go away as long as you remain physically active.

But in many cases, back pain can become a long-term, recurring problem. That’s because when back pain attacks, some damage is done to the structures of the low back. Even though the pain can temporarily go away, those structures haven’t truly been healed. Your back doesn’t quite regain its previous ability to support your body weight day-in, day-out. It’s all too easy for the pain to come back.

What can you do to make sure your body doesn’t fall into a recurring pattern of low back pain?

  1. Most importantly: Exercise is the key.  In my practice, I emphasize a diverse movement approach to low back problems, and teach proper core support and postural awareness.
  2. Treatment of spinal joint dysfunction is also important. With regular treatment your chiropractor can make sure that the vertebral imbalances that contribute to low back pain are kept to a minimum.
  3. Sitting on the job is a bad idea.  The more you can stand or get up and move around throughout your work day, the better off you’ll be.


Dr. Lavine has been an innovator in the use of movement and touch to promote health since 1981. He practices in New York City and Princeton, NJ.


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