Keep your brain as sharp as a Samurai sword

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Part I

You need your brain for its advanced thinking, feeling, memory, and creativity powers.

But you need your brain for lots more than that.  Every move you make, every step you take, every beat of your heart, outpouring of hormones, and churn of your digestive tract depends on brain guidance.

When your brain can’t function at its best, your health will inevitably suffer.  Your mood, energy level, and sleep cycles – in fact, everything – is thrown off.

You’ve got to do all you can to keep your gray matter in exquisite condition.

One Big Reason Your Brain Can Lose Its Edge

Your brain isn’t just sitting there minding its own business, waiting to generate a brilliant thought.

The brain receives hundreds of millions – maybe billions –  of signals from your body every second.  And to coordinate all the info streaming in, there’s a constant background hum of nerve activity linking every brain region.

All the outgoing nerve signals that the brain generates flow from this background buzz.

If those signals coming in are disjointed, noisy and grating, then your brain activity will also be disjointed, noisy and grating.

Surprise Source of Most Brain Input

Your eyes and ears (and nose and tongue) get most of the attention in studies of our perceptual systems.  They’re important sense organs that provide the brain with lots of information about the goings-on outside your body.

But most of the input the brain relies on for daily operations comes from inside the body.  It comes from nerve endings embedded in your connective tissue.  Nerve endings that tell your brain what’s happening in each joint and muscle – called proprioception – and in every internal organ – called interoception.

If those muscles, joints, organs, and connective tissues are out of balance, your brain will be getting a constant stream of distress messages.  You won’t be aware of them – this will all be happening below the level of your consciousness.

But these error messages will suck up more and more of your brain’s processing power.

Your brain will be like a computer that’s caught the latest virus.  At first, you won’t notice that there’s a problem at all.  But gradually, more and more of your computing power will be siphoned off to do what the virus wants your computer to do, not what you want your computer to do.

If You Want the Best Output, Give Your Brain the Best Input

Throughout the history of medicine practitioners have included the use of proprioceptive exercise and hands-on healing methods to balance the muscles, joints and connective tissues.  To the surprise of many who are unfamiliar with them, these methods often create benefits for a range of organ systems and a spectrum of health conditions.

For years, scientists were puzzled about how these methods could be so extraordinarily effective.  And because there wasn’t a clear explanation of how they worked, some scientists dismissed them as bogus quackery.

But recent science has been uncovering a hidden world of interconnection between your ongoing internal chatter and advanced brain function.  And if you’ve been reading this article thus far, you know why these techniques work the way they do – they clean up the messages going into the brain.

There are many top chiropractors who are expert in these scientifically advanced healing arts.  Find one.  See how you might benefit from putting some of your health issues in her (or his) hands.

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