I’m running a half marathon: Chapter 1 – the commitment

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Ronald Lavine, DC running 5K

It started because I was inspired by one of my patients. I’ve never had an Olympic athlete in my practice before, so I was excited that one of my recent patients is an elite-level marathoner with a reasonable chance of landing a spot on the Olympic marathon team.

I’ve really enjoyed the process of helping him keep his finely-tuned body in top form. Since we’ve been working together, he’s shaved about 7 minutes off his personal best at the marathon distance. Surely I’m not trying to take the credit for that, but it’s been interesting to be a part of the process.

But it took more for me to make the commitment than just having a small window into his training process.

I began with a purely profit-driven motive. I figured, this guy’s satisfied with his treatment. He must know a lot of runners. Maybe he can help me market my practice to serious runners in the area.

That’s not a bad business plan.

But to really make it work, I thought, I should put my own energy where my mouth is and demonstrate a serious commitment to running myself. Before I could stop myself, I blurted out my plan to run the Princeton Half Marathon in October. (This was before the Covid-19 shutdown. Hopefully the marathon will still take place as originally slated.)

I suppose I could have backtracked on my words, but instead I kept telling other people about my plans and soon I had talked myself into believing myself.

The challenge was on. Next chapter: my training plan.

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