Quiz: How you can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease

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Today’s Health Quiz

Q.        Which professional group makes the biggest impact in the prevention of cardiovascular disease?

A.  Cardiologists

B.  Chiropractors

C.  Dental Hygienists

What’s the Best Answer?


Cardiologists are experts in treating cardiovascular disease once it’s occurred.  And they also play a role in prevention.  For instance, if your blood pressure is high, there are pharmaceutical products that can get your numbers back in line.

Medication is also used to lower your LDL, the “bad” cholesterol.  Although some people – especially those who already have cardiovascular damage – clearly stand to gain by taking statins, they’re not for everyone.

Ask questions before committing yourself to a lifetime of swallowing pills to lower your cholesterol.  Variations in cholesterol particle size and density can be more important predictors of heart disease than raw HDL or LDL numbers.

Still, on the whole, the national toll of cardiovascular disease has dropped over the past decade, and these pharmaceutical interventions, and the contributions of cardiologists, deserve part of the credit.

Therefore, answer A: Cardiologists is a decent response to today’s quiz.


Doctors of chiropractic are rightfully proud of their role in preventing heart disease.  Spinal adjustments have been shown to lower blood pressure and improve heart rate variability, giving you protection from cardiovascular disease.

Chiropractors have also been strong advocates of healthy eating and exercise to reduce the risk of heart disease.  And the hands-on treatment you get in your chiropractic office is a sure-fire way to relieve stress and promote robust health.

So, answer B: Chiropractors is also a good answer to today’s quiz.

Dental Hygienists?

Still, I’ll put my money on answer C: Dental Hygienists.

Simple measures to maintain the health of your gums and teeth give you surprisingly strong protection from cardiovascular disease.

We don’t know all the reasons why oral health is so important.  But it may be that poorly maintained gums are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria that can secrete toxins, release negative hormonal signaling chemicals, promote inflammation, or trigger harmful autoimmune activity.

Lately, information is emerging that dental hygiene protects you from Alzheimer’s disease too.

Make sure to brush and floss your teeth with compulsive regularity, and consult your dentist on a regular basis, too.

Although answer C: Dental Hygienists may be the best answer to today’s quiz, don’t ignore the contributions that your chiropractor, or, if needed, your cardiologist, can make as part of your health care team.


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