Headache facts you need to know

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HEADACHE FACT NUMBER 1: Medical knowledge about the cause of your headache is very limited.

The main tool a medical doctor uses to “diagnose” your headache is nothing more than your description of it.

Don’t take my word for it – check out “The international classification of headache disorders, 3rd Edition”.

HEADACHE FACT NUMBER 2: Your headache pattern is likely to combine features of more than one diagnostic type.

Doctors try to distinguish between different varieties of headache: “tension headache,” “migraine,” “sinus pain,” etc. These distinctions are important. But they’re more important on paper than they are in the real world. Many people have head pain that combines features from more than one diagnostic category. And headache patterns can shift over time. In other words, you may experience muscle tension headaches that change to migraines or daily chronic headache.

HEADACHE FACT NUMBER 3: Headache drugs often backfire, causing you even worse “rebound” pain.


Fortunately, There’s Good News

There’s a common link shared by most people with headaches.

Researchers have shown that many people with headaches have problems with:

  • Stiff joints in the neck and upper back
  • Muscle knots in the neck muscles
  • Poor posture and control over movement

These are issues that chiropractors have developed a sophisticated ability to evaluate and treat.

HEADACHE FACT NUMBER 5: Chiropractic manual therapy is one of the best researched, most effective ways to help your headache pain.

Don’t take my word for it. Check it out.

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