Happiness – Guest Post

by | Dec 2, 2013 | Spiritual Insight & Humor | 0 comments

Today’s guest article is by my colleague Dr. Alex Eingorn

triad of dolphins

Today I was wondering why the dolphins were considered the happiest species on earth. Except, I suppose when they are bludgeoned en masse by some groups in the hope to achieve maturity through this senseless act.

Then it struck me: “Do they ever bother to question and judge others’ actions and, most importantly, motives?

We do. Mostly. I wonder if the dolphins ever lose trust. Happiness is lost when thoughts of envy or hatred creep in. Why is there no happiness sometimes without PRADA?

My late therapist, whom the Hindus would probably consider to be the Brahmin of Brahmins, asked me a question one day. “What do you perceive to be the difference between true joy and true pleasure?” How do we know that in our obsessive pursuit of one we are not just aimlessly chasing the other?

Mantra for today: औं कर्म अन्यत्वे हेतु
There is no beginning, and no end

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