Guest Post – Bach Flower Remedies

Today’s guest article comes courtesy of Jennifer Alden, a practitioner registered with the Bach Foundation for people and animals.

Rescue Me: Help is in your hands.

A Story about The Bach Flower Remedies discovered Dr. Edward Bach

By Jennifer Alden BFRP, BFRAP (Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner for People and Animals)

In our modern world there are many benefits to the technology at hand. With the possibility of being connected to each other 24 hours a day, or getting immediate gratification in ones, online shopping experiences can create certain drawbacks and emotional /mental challenges. Our minds can be overactive, feel pressure. Our emotions can register stress and fear. The fabric of our world can become undone and thin. To find balance and restore your world, you can reach for The Original Bach Flower Remedies.

Dr. Edward Bach (1886 to 1936) was a medical doctor, a homeopathic physician, immunologist, bacteriologist and a surgeon. This combined training and skill led him to go to the countryside of

England and Wales to discover his system of natural plant medicine. It took him eight years to find and make his full system of Remedies. (1928 to 1936). The 38 Bach Flower Remedies and the five flower

remedy combination known as Rescue Remedy can be used any time of the day or night. They are safe for people or animals at any age. All the Remedies are in a liquid form and are generally taken directly in your mouth or in a glass of water. You can even put the Remedy drops on your wrist, body and face when need be. Rescue Remedy liquid comes in a cream, lozenge and Pastille as well. They can be used with other types of medicines both natural and chemical.

The Bach Flower Remedies are made from specific flower, leaves and bushes that Dr. Bach choose to help his patients to unplug from their disharmony inside themselves or their issues with the world around them. He created a water method to extract out the vital essence of each flower using a sun and a boiling method depending on the weather and season. This extracted vital essence brings us back to inner harmony. The Bach Remedy named Rock Water that is made from a natural healing spring. Today, The Bach Centre and Nelson’s Company use the exact same methods and flower locations as did Dr. Bach. The NDC numbers on each Original Bach Flower Remedy (OBFR) bottle can attest to this purity and method. Each bottle can be traced from field to shelf.

He recognized that our emotions and our mental state of mind created our health picture. He understood that disharmony leads to dis-ease and dis-ease leads to illness. Illness that can be felt in our

mind, emotion and body. In using the Remedies, we go back to our inner balance, thus allowing our minds and bodies to heal. You pick individual Remedies that speaks to your negative emotional states.

You can combine between 1 to 7 Remedies in a personal mixing bottle that address several issues at a time. Dr. Bach took care of his patients individually. He was known for saying “Treat the individual, not the disease”.

Let’s look at some life situations that can be helped by these flower remedies. For example, having trouble sleeping. If you tend to review your day, actively repeating the things you said or what happened to you. You are holding on to unhappy events, words or comments. In creating a “spinning mind” the OBFR named White Chestnut can be of help. White Chestnut unplugs the restless spin and helps your mind find the a clear and calm place.

Sometimes our fears can control our lives in real ways. If you can put a name to your fear i.e. fear of flying, public speaking, going to the dentist etc. You can reach for the OBFR named Mimulus. Mimulus moves you to courage in what you are afraid of. You can, live your life without fear.

If for some reasons, you cannot name you fear but apprehension clouds over your emotion and mind, then the OBFR named Aspen can be of service. You can then be restored to inner peace and inner security.

We may face disappointments and the sadness that results from things not going our way. Two remedies come to mind here. One is named Gentian. Gentian is for discouragement. It can be from some life obstacle, some illness. This can bring you to a sadness when faced with difficulties. The OBFR Gentian uplifts this discouragement, giving us our inner strength to fine our way out of those difficulties. If this sadness continues and moves to despair, then the OBFR named Gorse would be indicated. Gorse helps us to finding the joy in our lives. We move from despair to hope. Mixed in to these situation is a sense of bitterness or resentment. Then the OBFR named Willow could move you to forgiveness.

There times when we become stuck and can get stopped by our lack of confidence in ourselves. This can be a temporary situation or can be an underlying personal pattern that lets us be less of ourselves. In this case the OBFR named Larch would be indicated. Larch restores our inner ability. Our confidence is strengthened, so you can try again and gain the experiences life has to offer.

These examples of our inner patterns of stress and fears can be assisted to a state of wellness. Deep healing is in our hands with the benefit of these beautiful flower remedies. Hope you will try them as the need arises in your life.

For further information please look to The Bach Center For help to our animal friends, go to Natural Animal Centre

Many thanks for taking the time to read this article.



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