Free dance classes for cancer recovery

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My colleague Martha Eddy, Ed.D., is an expert on the use of movement in a variety of contexts.  Among her many many projects, she’s consulted with the New York City Board of Education to develop a dance and movement curriculum for public school students; she teaches movement classes to help individuals improve their vision; she utilizes movement sessions in her therapeutic work with children with neurodevelopmental disabilities; and she has served as chair and facilitator for international conferences on movement science.

Moving For Life is one of her more exciting projects.  They offer free dance classes for people recovering from cancer.  Dance has a proven track record in helping cancer survivors.  And Dr. Eddy’s efforts are beginning to gain recognition.   Most recently, her foundation has received funding from the Lance Armstrong Foundation to continue expanding her work.

If you are a cancer patient or a cancer survivor, or know someone else who is, find out more.  Follow this link for more information.


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