Which exercise builds the most muscle mass the quickest?

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squat exercise

Muscles – They’re Not Just for Strength Any More

You need your muscles in order to move and exert strength. But the benefits of building and nourishing muscle tissue go far beyond that. Scientists are piecing together the important role that muscles play in boosting your metabolism, warding off diabetes, protecting you from fractures, and keeping your brain stimulated.

If you want to gain muscle, what exercise helps you do it the quickest?

The squat.

A balanced exercise program works all of the major muscle groups of the body, while also training for endurance, flexibility, balance, and other movement qualities. No single exercise, and no single type of exercise gives you everything you need.

But the squat gives you a lot of bang for your buck.  It activates many of your largest muscle groups – like the gluteals, abdominals, quadriceps, spinal extensors, and more.  And if you pay attention to proper form, the squat gives you practice in organizing your core support and controlling your alignment.

Doing a squat properly can be harder than it looks. Work with a trainer, and start with little or no weight to make sure you’re getting the form right. The rewards will be worth it.



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