Exercise prevents back pain recurrence

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Researchers recently surveyed all the scientific data about preventing the recurrence of low back pain.

The truth is that very little firm advice could be filtered out from all the research. In part, that’s because the field of low back pain is extremely complex. But the other reason is that not enough high quality research has been done. Little data was available to determine if regular chiropractic care, for instance, prevented the return of back pain.

Nonetheless, one of the only strategies that could be relied on to prevent a return attack of back pain was exercise.

The research wasn’t specific enough to distinguish between different types of exercise: stretching versus Pilates, yoga versus cardio conditioning, etc. Yet in my practice, the details of exercise certainly do matter.

I routinely help people recover from back pain and maintain the health of their spine based on proper posture, core strengthening, and other basic principles of movement.


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