Essential tool for chronic pain sufferers: Dr. Lavine’s daily log

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If you have chronic pain or fibromyalgia, you experience a confusing combination of symptoms that vary from day to day.

No wonder doctors have such a hard time figuring out how to help you.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to figure out how to get the help you need. There are a lot of different options for natural treatment of fibromyalgia and chronic pain, and everyone responds differently. Through your own experience you can discover the best way to alleviate your symptoms.

You’re probably already trying a number of different treatment and self-care methods in your attempt to get some relief. Unfortunately, no one treatment or self-care approach is going to miraculously alleviate your pain.

But don’t give up. You’ll be able to discover a treatment modality that helps modestly. And then you’ll build on that small success by incorporating other approaches in combination to get even better results.

The trouble is, to guide you through the process, you have to keep track on a daily basis of what treatments and self-care approaches you’re trying and how effective they are.

That’s where Dr. Lavine’s Daily Log comes in.

It’s an easy way to keep a record – day by day – of your pain levels, mood, and activities while you’re tracking the various treatment methods and self-care techniques you’re trying. It’s the only way you’ll be able to build a database of information about what works and what doesn’t work for you.

It’s free.

Simply supply your first name and e-mail address, and you’ll receive a downloadable copy of Dr. Lavine’s Daily Log attached to a return e-mail.

I’ll also send you periodic information about chronic pain and fibromyalgia, treatment and self-care methods you’ll find interesting, and inspiring stories from others coping with these challenging conditions.

Of course, if you’re not finding these periodic e-mails interesting and useful, you can easily unsubscribe from them at any time.

To the continuing pursuit of robust good health,

Ronald Lavine, D.C.

Dr. Lavine’s Daily Log

Essential record-keeping for anyone with chronic pain, fibromyalgia,
or other complex pain condition.


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