Dr. Lavine’s food diversity scorecard

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Food diversity and your health

What’s the best way to make sure you’re eating getting the necessary range of nutrients from the food you eat?

Eliminating junk food, sugar, and white flour is a good start. But it’s also important to eat a wide range of foods. 

There’s nothing better than obtaining a diverse range of nutrients from food. Taking a handful of supplements providing a dozen or so isolated nutrients, although it’s something I often recommend, comes in a distant second. 

How diverse is your diet?

I’ve devised Dr. Lavine’s Food Diversity Scorecard which I’ve attached. It’s easy to rate your overall food diversity — give yourself one point for each type of food you’ve eaten in the past week.  

Here’s a favor you can do for me

I’m trying to develop this Scorecard so that it will provide meaningful information for people who want to self-evaluate their dietary habits. Don’t keep your score to yourself. Let me know your score so that I can develop a baseline against which to evaluate others.   


Click here: Dr. Lavine’s Food Diversity Scorecard

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  1. Brenda Eddy

    35 points – counted one point for blueberries even thought ate 4 times.


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