Craniosacral therapy: More is more? Or less is more?

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There are two opposite paths to heal the body: “more is more” vs. “less is more”.

I used to be most comfortable with a “more is more” approach. I wanted to give my patients the benefit of all of my knowledge, and heap on the entire range of my therapeutic methods, convinced that the more I added, the quicker they’d get better.

But that was before I got trained in Craniosacral Therapy (in the late 1980’s) and began to listen to the feedback I got from my patients.

Craniosacral Therapy is the gentlest method available to release restrictions of connective tissues. When I use Craniosacral Therapy, I calibrate my palpation to an extremely subtle level. Then I can feel the gentle inherent undulation, or flow, of the body’s tissues and the areas where the flow is restricted.

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The therapeutic aspects of Craniosacral Therapy are quite gentle, too. Treatment consists of simply supporting the body tissues to flow along the paths they’re already following. You “allow” tissues to release – you don’t force anything to happen. This frees connective tissue restrictions and resets the brain’s perception of the body.

Being a committed “more is more” type of person, however, at first Craniosacral Therapy seemed too insubstantial. How could a method that was so light and indirect have a significant therapeutic effect?

The best answer is just to suggest that you give it a try. I you’re in New York City or near to Princeton, NJ, e-mail me at to set up an appointment. I’ll make sure to leave extra time in my schedule, since Craniosacral patients can benefit from an extended treatment time.

Experiencing the treatment is one of the best ways to understand how it works and the potential benefits to you. But if you’d like more information, I’ve written a couple of articles about Craniosacral Therapy:

Understanding Craniosacral Therapy

Keep your brain sharp

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  1. Laura

    Hi Ron, yes, great gentle realignment of energies. I love the work and wish I wasn’t halfway across the country!! Best wishes for a good holiday season-


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