Comfrey Root – Apply it to Your Back

by | Dec 13, 2010 | Low Back Health | 2 comments

Research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine now says that topical treatment with comfrey root extract can reduce acute upper and lower back pain.

In the current study, published in May, 2009, German researchers assessed back pain in 120 patients who either used 4 g of comfrey root ointment or a placebo ointment three times daily for 5 days.

Pain intensity dropped by 95% in the comfrey root extract group, while the people using placebo only got 39% better.

More good news?  The comfrey extract began wiping out the pain in under an hour.

“Comfrey root extract shows a remarkably potent and clinically relevant effect in reducing acute back pain,” the research team concluded.   “Reduction of pain and impaired movement was fast and correlated with each other.”


  1. Georgina

    Low back pain is really so hard to handle, sometimes, yoga exercise is a nice option for pain relief.

    • Ron Lavine

      Georgina: Here’s my question for you: How can an individual find a good yoga teacher? In my experience, merely being “certified” doesn’t mean that the teacher is able to zero in on an individual’s needs. Or that the style of yoga being taught is appropriate. Yoga is a good thing, yet I’ve had patients come who claim they hurt their back in yoga class. Do you have any pointers for readers?

      Ron Lavine, D.C.


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