News Flash: Chiropractic Saves You Money

by | Feb 4, 2011 | Politics of Healthcare | 0 comments

Chiropractic care not only does an effective job of treating low back conditions, it saves money, according to a large study done by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Tennessee.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield tracked the health expenditures of 85,000 beneficiaries.  The health plan allowed patients equal access to medical doctors and doctors of chiropractic.

For those patients with low back pain who chose to see a chiropractor first, the total costs incurred by BC/BS averaged 40% less as compared to those patients who first saw a medical doctor.  Overall, chiropractors saved the plan $ 2.3 million over two years.  Not to mention that patients returned to work and other activity sooner, used fewer medications, and avoided some surgeries.

The conclusion?

For insurance companies: Don’t restrict access to chiropractic care.  It will cost more in the long run.

For individuals: See your chiropractor for back pain first.


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