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I Like Cookies

Sugar provides instant gratification to the brain's pleasure centers. No wonder I like cookies so much! Unfortunately, the pleasure comes with many health risks.

Two Things I Learned from My Patient Liz

My experience with Liz reinforced for me the risk of anesthesia, and also reminded me that the brain serves the body, not the other way around.

Confessions in the Gym – or, How to Use Peer Pressure for Your Benefit

"Peer pressure" seems like a useless vestige from middle school. As adults, we should strive to live for our own values, driven by our own personal motivations. But what if you could use peer pressure to your advantage?

My Son Got Off to a Lucky Start In Kindergarten

Thankfully, my son had a kindergarten teacher who allowed plenty of hugs and physical play. The anti-human touch trend in our society has gone way too far....
The Science of Chiropractic – After 125 Years, Still Ahead of the Times

The Science of Chiropractic – After 125 Years, Still Ahead of the Times

The science of chiropractic and how it's evolved.
Chiropractic and the Future of Healthcare

Chiropractic and the Future of Healthcare

A future healthcare system which does not make more extensive use of chiropractic is insane.

Guest Post – Dr. Karen Erickson’s Rules for Health

Dr. Karen Erickson offers simple guidelines for health.

How to Cook Without a Recipe

One of the most important parts of my college experience has been the food co-op that I cooked and ate in for three years. The challenge of preparing a healthy meal for 30 people based on the sometimes limited ingredients that were available, while also providing for the vegans, the lactose intolerants and a host of other specific dietary needs, brought out a certain kind of focus and drive that I was seldom capable of outside of that kitchen. Here’s a few pieces of advice, and maybe some good anecdotes too, for planning and preparing meals for a large group.

The Art of Teaching Dance – Part 2

Part Two of an interview with Laura Donnelly, Alexander Teacher and Assistant Professor of Dance at Kansas State University.

Summer Reading – Guest Post by Teresa Knipper

This guest article by Teresa Knipper expresses her passion for the beauty of the natural world.

Janis Brenner: The Body Does Not Forget

Guest author Janis Brenner, choreographer, dancer, and teacher, shares her insight about the injuries she's sustained throughout her career and the positive meaning they have.

Guest Post: Walking Seniors Raise Fitness, Funds for Charity

One woman's inspiring story of discovering walking as the ideal way to improve fitness, raise funds for charity, and strengthen social ties.

Pay Attention to Your Body

The story of "Mike," who recovered from carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms by using the Alexander method.

Top Nutrition Doctor Confesses: My Eating Was Out of Control

I heard an inspiring story from a chiropractic colleague I had lost track of for nearly thirty years. Read about his life-long battle with a compulsive eating disorder.

Cut Your Heart Health Risk 50-70% – Or More

You don't have to be a health nut to be healthy. On the other hand, you're nuts if you can't find time to exercise - it has a marked effect on your cardiovascular risk.

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