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A selection of Dr. Lavine's articles on support for healthy diet and lifestyle...

Baby Turnip Recipe

Baby turnips have a gentle flavor and are delicious when simply prepared. Here's an easy recipe.

Update on Portion Distortion

Portion distortion strikes again - scientists prove that labeling a serving size as "small" caused people to eat more of it.

Douse the Flames of Inflammation

Our ancestors from the Stone Age survived because their physiology evolved to match the environment that existed back then. But the typical diet and lifestyle of today - far different from those of Paleolithic times - puts you at risk for chronic degenerative conditions.
Restore lean muscle

Restore lean muscle

Chronic pain and chronic illness drain your body of its strength. Not only do you feel weaker, you actually lose muscle bulk. And the longer the problem goes on, the more muscle mass you lose. But wait, it gets worse…

Foods for pH balance

A good place to start improving your health is restoring normal acid-base balance to your body's tissues. Discover some key foods that help maintain proper body pH.

Top Nutrition Doctor Confesses: My Eating Was Out of Control

I heard an inspiring story from a chiropractic colleague I had lost track of for nearly thirty years. Read about his life-long battle with a compulsive eating disorder.

Portion Distortion: Serving Sizes of Foods Americans Eat are Ridiculous

What are some of the reasons for the epidemic of obesity in the United States? What factors are under your control? Take a look at this shocking data about portion sizes.
Six Ways Your Diet is Sabotaging Your Health

Six Ways Your Diet is Sabotaging Your Health

Dr. Lavine summarizes six important nutritional themes that highlight the ways our diet falls short in supporting our optimal health.

How to Get a Little More Dirt Into Your Life

Humans were never intended to live in a pristine, germ-free environment. Learn more about our symbiotic relationship with micro-organisms.

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