Low Back Pain

A selection of Dr. Lavine's articles on low back pain...

Depression and Back Pain

People grappling with chronic back pain often get depressed. But it works the other way around, too - if you're depressed you can give yourself a good case of back pain.

Sit-ups, Curl-ups and Crunches Make Your Back Worse

Don't waste your time with sit-ups, curl-ups and crunches. These exercises don't give you the abdominal results you want and do more harm than good. Read on to learn what the healthier alternatives are.

Comfrey Root – Apply it to Your Back

Maybe my grandma tried it back in the day, but it never occurred to me to use an ointment made from comfrey root to help people with back pain till I read about this study from the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

A Hidden Source of Low Back Pain

You can't usually find the source of low back pain on an Xray or MRI. That's because your connective tissues - a primary culprit in low back pain - don't show up on these imaging tests. But don't despair - you can still fix the problem.

Low Back Pain, Section 1

Here's what I wish each of my patients - and all low back pain patients everywhere - understood about low back pain.

Nutrition Supplements vs. Pharmaceuticals for Low Back Pain

Drugs can be useful for controlling low back pain, but there are alternatives that are safer and may in fact be more effective.

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