Low Back Pain

A selection of Dr. Lavine's articles on low back pain...

Lose Weight, Improve Back Pain Control

The latest research is clear: extra weight puts an extra load on your discs and contributes to back pain.
What Causes Spinal Stenosis and What You Can Do About It

What Causes Spinal Stenosis and What You Can Do About It

Discover the facts about lumbar spinal stenosis, a common degenerative condition of the low back that causes pain, impinges your nerves, and can make walking an uphill challenge.

Sciatica, Part 2: Not All Sciatica is Alike. Don’t Overlook This Important Clue

There are two basic types of sciatic nerve pain. Discover the difference, and you'll be better prepared to help your doctor get to the root of your problem.

Sciatica, Part 1: How Your Body’s Brilliant Design Keeps You Free of Sciatic Pain Almost All the Time

Patients often ask me why they have sciatic pain or another problem. First things first -- you can't understand why you have pain until you appreciate how your body effortlessly keeps you out of pain nearly all the time.

The Biopsychosocial Model of Health

Doctor and patient expectations about back pain can differ sharply. Before you get frustrated with your doctor, or worry that he or she doesn't understand you, learn about the biopsychosocial model of health that doctors in the know apply to the issue of back pain.

Yoga moves for back pain?

Yoga can provide lots of benefits if you have back pain. Learn tips on finding a good teacher and avoiding some of the possible pitfalls.

Simple gluteal stretch eases back pain

If you've been regularly practicing the exercises described in Dr. Lavine's Top Five Exercises for Your Low Back, your lower spine has probably made a lot of progress. Still, you might need something extra to achieve maximal results. What’s the most important exercise I’ve left off my short list? Stretching the piriformis muscle.

Cardio Conditioning for Back Pain

Proper exercise is critical to alleviating low back pain and keeping it from coming back. Exercises for core support and spine limbering are well-established modalities in the war on back pain. But what about the specific effects of cardiovascular conditioning on the low back? Can low back pain sufferers help themselves by hitting the treadmill?

How to Choose the Right Chiropractor

Finding the right doctor of chiropractic to help you improve your health can be a daunting experience. Dr. Lavine offers some sample questions you can use in interviewing your potential chiropractor.

Five Steps to Take When Back Pain Strikes

When back pain strikes, you'll know some simple steps to help you get out of pain quickly.

Self-Care of the Low Back and a Pioneering New Zealand Physiotherapist

Discover some tips for taking care of your low back based on the work of Robin McKenzie, the pioneering New Zealand physiotherapist. Following his guidelines, it's likely you can find a favorable position to release your low back and alleviate pain.

Disc damage can be reversed – here’s proof

One innovative method to help with the treatment of herniated discs is flexion-distraction treatment.

Helping Lower Back Pain from Standing

Do you experience "Museum Goers' Syndrome?" That's when your low back aches if you've been standing too long. Discover the reasons your low back hurts from standing and what you can do about it.
Anti-Inflammatory Foods Fight Back Pain

Anti-Inflammatory Foods Fight Back Pain

Evidence is growing that the foods we eat can predispose us to pain and inflammation. Discover the foods to eat to fight back pain.
Little-Known Ergonomic Strategy to Protect Your Back

Little-Known Ergonomic Strategy to Protect Your Back

A simple shift in the angle of your chair can pay off with a major reduction of low back pain.

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