Rehabilitative Exercise

A selection of Dr. Lavine's articles on rehabilitative exercise...

Another Reason Why Exercise Intensity May Be More Important Than Exercise Duration

A slow, steady workout has lots of benefits, but including intense bursts of heart-pounding exercise adds a further dimension. That's what researchers found when they studied the effect of exercise on memory and cognitive function in older adults.
Goldilocks and Your Cartilage

Goldilocks and Your Cartilage

Exercise is needed to maintain the health of the cartilage of your knee. But can too much exercise backfire?

Exercise Treatment for Depression, Anxiety

Exercise is proving to be more effective than medication in the treatment of common mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Ultra Yoga and Exercises for Pelvic Floor Muscles

Interview with Marisa Sullivan, expert in using yoga for pelvic floor issues.
Achilles tendon recovery

Achilles tendon recovery

Discover the facts about Achilles tendon problems and the steps you can take to prevent them and help them heal.

Free Dance Classes for Cancer Recovery

Dr. Martha Eddy and Moving for Life offer free dance classes to help in the recovery from cancer.
Avoid bench press injuries

Avoid bench press injuries

Learn to avoid bench press injuries with advice from T-Nation.

Just Do This Every Morning

Improve your fitness by climbing stairs while holding weights. Simple. Easy. Very effective.

Update on Barefoot Running Benefits

Many runners have switched to a "barefoot" running style that involves landing on the forefoot instead of the heel. Forefoot landing may offer protection from overuse injury. But new research shows that a conventional running style is more energy efficient.

Guest Post: Dancer Injuries – What You Need to Know

If you're physically active, you occasionally experience pain in your muscles or joints. How do you know if you have a potentially serious condition or if you're just feeling the bumps and bruises that are the inevitable result of an active lifestyle? Deborah Vogel, specialist in training dancers to prevent injuries, shares her insights on listening to your body's signals.

Exercise for Neck Pain: Can We Do Better?

Best exercises for neck pain? Four experts weigh in.

Guest Post: Walking Seniors Raise Fitness, Funds for Charity

One woman's inspiring story of discovering walking as the ideal way to improve fitness, raise funds for charity, and strengthen social ties.

Guest Article: Conscious Fitness

True fitness increases by paying attention to bodily cues while engaging in all of life's activities. Deepen your insight into this principle and discover some simple movement activities to strengthen your body-mind connection in this guest article by E. Yen Zak and Dr. Martha Eddy.
Stretching is (Mostly) a Waste of Time

Stretching is (Mostly) a Waste of Time

Researchers now believe that many of the reasons that people think stretching is good for them have no scientific validity. Discover the alternatives.

Accentuate the negative: muscle injury recovery with eccentric workouts

Discover the secrets to safely rehabbing muscle injury - using the negative work phase of exercise.

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