Rehabilitative Exercise

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Confessions in the Gym – or, How to Use Peer Pressure for Your Benefit

"Peer pressure" seems like a useless vestige from middle school. As adults, we should strive to live for our own values, driven by our own personal motivations. But what if you could use peer pressure to your advantage?

Latest Medical Research

Latest medical research of interest.

Get Off the Treadmill

Routine repetitive cardiovascular exercise isn't enough to gain all the benefits of being physically active.

Warning: Consult a Physician Before Beginning Any Program of Physical Inactivity

Warning; Consult a Physician Before Beginning Any Program of Physical Inactivity

More on Eccentric Workouts Versus Concentric Muscle Loading

Researchers studied the strength gains from eccentric workouts.

Spare your knees when you run

Latest research on forefoot landing versus rearfoot landing styles in runners. The mechanical loads shift, but there are trade-offs involved.
Improving Hamstring Rehab Exercises

Improving Hamstring Rehab Exercises

More than thirty years ago I learned valuable movement principles from one of my mentors -Irmgard Bartenieff. She strongly emphasized the need for integrated exercise that involved trunk stabilization. Now new research shows the importance of this approach in hamstring rehab.

Guest Article: Your Personal Renewable Energy

Guest author Fran Parker describes how movement variation renews us and restores our energy.

Altered Gait and Early Cognitive Impairment Symptoms

Emerging research shows that changes in walking patterns can be early warning signs of dementia. But can someone with altered gait be retrained to walk with ease, elegance and balance, thus preventing cognitive decline?

Chiropractic for Seniors- What I’ve Learned

Dr. Lavine shares his insight into the challenges of providing chiropractic care for an aging population.

If You Have Back Problems Be Wary of These Three Exercises

Those with back problems need strengthening exercises to protect their low back but have to be wary to perform only low back-safe maneuvers.

The latest on muscle strength, balance training and brain fitness

Key topics from Dr. Lavine's lecture on Muscle Strength, Balance Training and Brain Fitness

Another Reason Why Exercise Intensity May Be More Important Than Exercise Duration

A slow, steady workout has lots of benefits, but including intense bursts of heart-pounding exercise adds a further dimension. That's what researchers found when they studied the effect of exercise on memory and cognitive function in older adults.
Goldilocks and Your Cartilage

Goldilocks and Your Cartilage

Exercise is needed to maintain the health of the cartilage of your knee. But can too much exercise backfire?

Exercise Treatment for Depression, Anxiety

Exercise is proving to be more effective than medication in the treatment of common mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

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