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Why exercise is good for your brain

Why exercise is good for your brain

There's a lot more to exercise than mindlessly counting off the minutes on the treadmill.

What’s Good for Your Heart is Good for Your Brain

A heart-healthy diet has now been proven to enhance cognition.
Just do this – part 2

Just do this – part 2

There's much more to fitness than just muscle strength and cardiac endurance. Here are a few simple balance challenges to incorporate into your daily life.

Guest Article: What Is Biofeedback Therapy for Chronic Pain?

Guest article on biofeedback for chronic pain, from expert author Dr. Lawrence Thomas, Director of The Brain Clinic.

What Causes a Loss of Smell and What You Can Do About It

Loss of your sense of smell is common and can have serious health consequences, which are usually under-appreciated.

Chiropractic for Seniors- What I’ve Learned

Dr. Lavine shares his insight into the challenges of providing chiropractic care for an aging population.
The latest on muscle strength, balance training and brain fitness

The latest on muscle strength, balance training and brain fitness

Key topics from Dr. Lavine's lecture on Muscle Strength, Balance Training and Brain Fitness

Another Reason Why Exercise Intensity May Be More Important Than Exercise Duration

A slow, steady workout has lots of benefits, but including intense bursts of heart-pounding exercise adds a further dimension. That's what researchers found when they studied the effect of exercise on memory and cognitive function in older adults.

Magnesium for Migraines

Discover an easy nutritional option that's been shown to cut the frequency of migraine attacks by 40%.

It’s Easy to Fix Positional Dizziness – The Most Common Cause of Vertigo

Good news - the most common cause of dizziness can be diagnosed without fancy tests and can often be treated simply without drugs or surgery.

Know the Early Signs of Stroke – A Quick 4 Part Screening Test

Learn a simple four part screening test that could save someone's life.

How a Foot Adjustment Helps Your Brain Work Better

A simple adjustment can help your foot recover from an injury. But the effects of an adjustment go beyond that - correcting imbalances of the joints of the feet can improve the way your brain controls posture and movement.
Learning to be Healthy is Like Learning to Ride a Bike

Learning to be Healthy is Like Learning to Ride a Bike

When you learn to ride a bike, it’s important to know the rules of the road. In my case it was my dad who taught me: ride on the right, wear a helmet, use hand signals, and so forth. It’s all good advice. But even when you know these rules, you still don’t know how to ride. Your brain, muscles, and balance system still can’t coordinate their actions to create a positive result. In the world of preventive healthcare, it’s like being told to eat nine servings of vegetables, exercise every day, get adequate sleep, and the like. It’s all good advice. Follow it. But none of it trains your brain, digestive tract, kidneys, liver, and endocrine glands to coordinate their actions to create a positive health result.
Understanding CranioSacral Therapy Part 1

Understanding CranioSacral Therapy Part 1

Discover the secrets of Craniosacral Therapy - one of the gentlest forms of hand-on treatment used by chiropractors and other body work experts.

Chronic Pain Shrinks Your Brain

An important article by Craig Roberts, DC covers the negative effects on the brain of living with chronic pain and the benefits of chiropractic spinal manipulation to control long-lasting spinal pain.

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