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Do You Get Wiser As You Get Older?

Our brain activity slows down as we age. But do we gain wisdom to compensate?

Chronic Pain and the Brain

Treatment of chronic pain must include changing the established pain patterns in the brain.
Tendon problems and your brain

Tendon problems and your brain

The brain is invariably involved in chronic tendon problems, and creative treatment solutions are needed.
Got Tight Hamstrings?

Got Tight Hamstrings?

Stretching doesn't necessary help your muscles to become less stiff. But it has an effect on the brain.

Can You Improve Your Vision with Chiropractic Care?

Can your vision be improved with chiropractic care? I've had two recent cases in which it has. And there are many more cases which have been reported in the literature.

Two Things I Learned from My Patient Liz

My experience with Liz reinforced for me the risk of anesthesia, and also reminded me that the brain serves the body, not the other way around.

Sitting Is the New Smoking

Discover all the ways sitting is bad for your health, and be inspired to choose alternatives.

Research Proves: Reverse Cognitive Decline With Diet, Lifestyle Changes

Memory loss and cognitive decline are largely preventable (and even reversible) with a comprehensive personalized program of diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Is It Just Normal Aging? (Or Am I Losing My Mind?) Two simple ways to tell

Two simple self-assessment tests help distinguish between healthy aging and potentially more serious varieties of memory decline.

Sleep Your Way to Better Health

A full complement of restorative sleep is an essential health ingredient. Without adequate sleep your mood gets ...

Warning: Consult a Physician Before Beginning Any Program of Physical Inactivity

Warning; Consult a Physician Before Beginning Any Program of Physical Inactivity

Cognitive Training Continues to Boost Your Brain Power Year After Year

Cognitive training continues to give benefits even ten years down the road.

Are You Over-Stressed or Under-Recuperated?

Dealing with stress is a universal fact of modern life. It comes at you from every direction – at work, when ...

Heart Rate Variability – The Most Important Diagnostic Test You’ve Never Heard Of

Testing heart rate variability opens a window onto your autonomic nerve function and general health.

Latest Research Wrap-Up

Recent research gathered from a variety of medical journals.

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