Posture and Body Awareness

A selection of Dr. Lavine's articles on posture and body awareness...

Pay Attention to Your Body

The story of "Mike," who recovered from carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms by using the Alexander method.

Guest Article: Conscious Fitness

True fitness increases by paying attention to bodily cues while engaging in all of life's activities. Deepen your insight into this principle and discover some simple movement activities to strengthen your body-mind connection in this guest article by E. Yen Zak and Dr. Martha Eddy.
Stretching is (mostly) a waste of time

Stretching is (mostly) a waste of time

Researchers now believe that many of the reasons that people think stretching is good for them have no scientific validity. Discover the alternatives.
The art of breathing – guest post

The art of breathing – guest post

Jessica Wolf's guest article on Carl Stough and the Art of Breathing.

Experiencing Chronic Pain? Rediscover the Joy of Gentle Movement

People with fibromyalgia or chronic pain will get a definite health boost by becoming more physically active. But it can be hard to increase your physical activity if your body hurts all the time. Before you get distracted by external, quantifiable exercise goals, discover the playful ways you can enjoy the simple joy of body movement.

Men Doing Yoga

Check out the blog MindBodyGreen for an inspiring story about yoga from a man's perspective.

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