Can you improve your vision with chiropractic care?

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I recently had two experiences in which patients reported to me that their vision improved after their chiropractic treatment.

In each case, the vision issue had to do with integration of the signals coming from the two eyes. One patient had double vision, the other patient had eye muscle strain and headache and couldn’t coordinate the input from the two eyes when looking at something close by.

In both cases I worked on the joints of the neck along with addressing the sutures of the skull with craniosacral therapy. Each patient reported an immediate improvement in visual function; in both cases the improvement was maintained over the medium to long term.

optic nerve in the brain

optic nerve in the brain

How common is this phenomenon? Apparently it’s fairly common. Many chiropractors have experience with improved visual function following an adjustment. In many cases, this vision improvement has been documented in the published record.

More info about improved vision from chiropractic.


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