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Chronic or Recurring Pain a Problem for Half of Americans

Doctors are beginning to consider the ways that pain - regardless of its original cause - has a devastating effect on your brain, body, and mood.
Get fit in 45 seconds

Get fit in 45 seconds

Want to cut your exercise time short but get improved results? There's a growing consensus that high intensity interval training (HIIT) is effective for building strength and protecting your heart.
Rocker Shoe Put to the Test

Rocker Shoe Put to the Test

The MBT shoe - and its knock-off variants - have been marketed as a way to mimic the natural gait pattern of Masai warriors. That may be true, or it may be marketing hype. Is there a benefit to using these kinds of shoes?

Sex Over 45

Concern with sexual function is being exploited as a marketing niche by the pharmaceutical industry. But what does it really take to have fun in bed?

Keep (and Even Build) Muscle Mass as You Age

Regardless of your age or state of fitness, you can always improve your level of conditioning and build toward a healthier future.

Favorite Fragments of Rumi Poetry

Rumi is deep. You can return to his poetry many times.

Nutrition Supplements vs. Pharmaceuticals for Low Back Pain

Drugs can be useful for controlling low back pain, but there are alternatives that are safer and may in fact be more effective.

Health Secret All Doctors Depend On But (shhhh!) Few Talk About

If you're sick or in pain, you probably want to know why. But no matter how ill you are, the overwhelming majority of your physiological functions keep humming along smoothly. You can't understand why you're sick without first giving some respect to the processes that keep you almost perfectly well.
A lot of the strength training You do is a waste of time

A lot of the strength training You do is a waste of time

Strength training is an important part of fitness and health. But you've got to do it right. This article debunks three myths about resistance exercises.

How to Get a Little More Dirt Into Your Life

Humans were never intended to live in a pristine, germ-free environment. Learn more about our symbiotic relationship with micro-organisms.
The New Science of Whiplash

The New Science of Whiplash

Whiplash is for real. Science proves that people experience back pain, neck pain and headache months and years after an accident. What's the best treatment approach?

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The expert guide to the healthy enjoyment of life

The expert guide to the healthy enjoyment of life

Life gets complicated. You’ve got work responsibilities, family responsibilities, and financial ...

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