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Hate Exercise? Fitness is Child’s Play

What ever happened to fun? I mean old-fashioned physical fun? Is there a Wii in everyone's future, or will hula hoop, jump rope, pogo stick, and frisbee make a comeback?

Secret to Avoiding Falls and Fractures

Thinning bones are a big worry for older people. But, regardless of your bone density, if you never fall in the first place, your risk of fracturing a bone is greatly reduced.

Low Back Pain, Section 1

Here's what I wish each of my patients - and all low back pain patients everywhere - understood about low back pain.

Sickness Cartel – Part 2

A doctor of chiropractic responds to an article about the "sickness cartel" - the alliance of drug companies, insurance companies, hospital systems,and medical organizations who have a vested interest in keeping you in fear of sickness.

Sickness Cartel Shows No Signs of Slowing

If you're trying to be healthy (and who isn't?) you need to be aware of the alliance of large drug companies, insurance companies, hospital systems, medical organizations, and large food producers that profit from sickness.
Yet Another Way to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

Yet Another Way to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

Noise is a serious public health issue. This article reveals information about the role of noise in the genesis of heart disease.

Pain Drugs Linked to Hearing Loss in Men

Be aware - many of the most commonly used drugs have been shown to damage to your hearing.

Men Doing Yoga

Check out the blog MindBodyGreen for an inspiring story about yoga from a man's perspective.

Break the Link Between Periodontal Disease and Heart Disease

Even dentists have been surprised over the past few years as researchers have discovered the powerful link between dental hygiene and heart disease.
Palpation – The Forgotten Tool of Medical Diagnosis

Palpation – The Forgotten Tool of Medical Diagnosis

Palpation is an under-appreciated aspect of medical diagnosis. Few medical doctors take the time to master it. But the art of palpation is alive and well in the world of chiropractic.

I Had a Dream

Doctors aren't necessarily known for their own positive health habits. What if the value system that drives medical education went through a seismic shift to focus on the health awareness of doctors?

Cut Your Heart Health Risk 50-70% – Or More

You don't have to be a health nut to be healthy. On the other hand, you're nuts if you can't find time to exercise - it has a marked effect on your cardiovascular risk.

Universal Significance of Dance

In the Acts of John, an early Christian text that didn't make the cut to become part of the "official Bible," ...

Your Health = Your Wealth

Financial planners will tell you - staying healthy has a huge effect on your financial well-being.

Organic Food Labeling Pisses Me Off

Some experts will tell you that "conventionally grown" produce is just as safe and nutritious as "organic" food. Maybe that's true. But what effect does food labeling have on our consumer choices?

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