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Cardio Conditioning for Back Pain

Proper exercise is critical to alleviating low back pain and keeping it from coming back. Exercises for core support and spine limbering are well-established modalities in the war on back pain. But what about the specific effects of cardiovascular conditioning on the low back? Can low back pain sufferers help themselves by hitting the treadmill?

How to Choose the Right Chiropractor

Finding the right doctor of chiropractic to help you improve your health can be a daunting experience. Dr. Lavine offers some sample questions you can use in interviewing your potential chiropractor.
Understanding CranioSacral Therapy Part 1

Understanding CranioSacral Therapy Part 1

Discover the secrets of Craniosacral Therapy - one of the gentlest forms of hand-on treatment used by chiropractors and other body work experts.

Harmful Gut Bacteria Contribute to Your Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain

Take advantage of the latest research that links altered gut bacteria to fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

Restless Leg Syndrome and What to Do About It

Restless leg syndrome can plague you with tight, painful, cramping legs when you're trying to sleep at night. You can benefit from a few tips...

Five Steps to Take When Back Pain Strikes

When back pain strikes, you'll know some simple steps to help you get out of pain quickly.
Restore lean muscle

Restore lean muscle

Chronic pain and chronic illness drain your body of its strength. Not only do you feel weaker, you actually lose muscle bulk. And the longer the problem goes on, the more muscle mass you lose. But wait, it gets worse…

Self-Care of the Low Back and a Pioneering New Zealand Physiotherapist

Discover some tips for taking care of your low back based on the work of Robin McKenzie, the pioneering New Zealand physiotherapist. Following his guidelines, it's likely you can find a favorable position to release your low back and alleviate pain.

Alternatives to Sports Drinks

One of the super-fit athletes in my practice asked me if there was a healthy way to hydrate and boost energy during a race. Yes, Virginia...

Disc damage can be reversed – here’s proof

One innovative method to help with the treatment of herniated discs is flexion-distraction treatment.

Martin Luther King’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech

Listening to an inspiring speech of Martin Luther King can make your heart beat stronger and give courage when you're feeling low. Here's an excerpt from his 1964 Nobel Prize acceptance speech.

Foods for pH balance

A good place to start improving your health is restoring normal acid-base balance to your body's tissues. Discover some key foods that help maintain proper body pH.

Healthy Games and Gym Activities for Kids. The Top Ten

What sports, games, and fitness activities are best for your kids? Here are some healthy choices based on the priorities I have for my family.

Making Sense of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain

A tidal wave of chronic illness is making the lives of many people miserable and overwhelming our healthcare system. Doctors are frustrated in treating these nagging, overlapping problems: heart disease, fibromyalgia, depression, diabetes, and more. These chronic conditions can be helped by looking at the challenges posed by patients who have been hospitalized with sudden, acute illness, and using analogous treatment strategies.
Find a good pharmacist

Find a good pharmacist

An interview with a pharmacist covering the importance of establishing a relationship with a good pharmacist as part of your healthcare team.

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