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Easy Cantaloupe Recipe – Cantaloupe Basil Soup

An easy cantaloupe recipe for a cantaloupe soup that uses basil.

Baby Turnip Recipe

Baby turnips have a gentle flavor and are delicious when simply prepared. Here's an easy recipe.

How unnecessary Xrays, mri’s and ct scans make you stupid

Much has been written about the enormous costs and health risks associated with unnecessary MRI's and CT scans. But there's a third important reason to avoid these tests.

The Wrong Way to Strengthen Your Shoulder

The design of your shoulder joint leaves your tendons vulnerable to impingement, causing rotator cuff symptoms. Discover the simple exercise principles to strengthen your shoulder and avoid rotator cuff problems.

Searching for a Diabetic Neuropathy Cure? New, Proven Treatment Revealed

The symptoms of diabetic neuropathy - pain, numbness, weakness, cold feet are becoming more common as diabetes becomes more common. Discover the recent research that shows the effectiveness of NeuroTactile Therapy.

Beyond Calcium and Vitamin D – What Else Can I Do to Stop Bone Loss?

Most people know to take calcium and vitamin D supplements to help prevent osteoporosis. As valuable as these steps are, they're not the only important measures you can take to prevent bone loss.

Calcium and Osteoporosis – Guest Article

Do calcium supplements really help maintain bone health? Many health experts believe that other factors are also important. This guest article discusses other strategies to maintain strong bones.

Much Better Than Gatorade

Skip the Gatorade - instead, a protein-rich shake after exercise helps your body build muscle.

More On Sedentary Lifestyle Effects

Sitting for a living can have profound negative consequences for your health. Here are a few strategies to help you get moving.

Update on Portion Distortion

Portion distortion strikes again - scientists prove that labeling a serving size as "small" caused people to eat more of it.

Stage Fright Tips

Don't let fear of public speaking or sports performance anxiety keep you from achieving your potential. Some simple advice from a career performance coach can help you.

The Biopsychosocial Model of Health

Doctor and patient expectations about back pain can differ sharply. Before you get frustrated with your doctor, or worry that he or she doesn't understand you, learn about the biopsychosocial model of health that doctors in the know apply to the issue of back pain.

Yoga moves for back pain?

Yoga can provide lots of benefits if you have back pain. Learn tips on finding a good teacher and avoiding some of the possible pitfalls.

Guest Post: Chronic Knee Pain after Knee Joint Replacement

Total knee replacement surgery has helped many alleviate pain and regain the ability to walk with ease. But the results aren't perfect - many patients have persistent pain after surgery. This guest article by a New Zealand occupational therapist and psychotherapist discusses some of the intricacies of persisting pain.

Simple gluteal stretch eases back pain

If you've been regularly practicing the exercises described in Dr. Lavine's Top Five Exercises for Your Low Back, your lower spine has probably made a lot of progress. Still, you might need something extra to achieve maximal results. What’s the most important exercise I’ve left off my short list? Stretching the piriformis muscle.

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