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Home Safety Tips – Top 7 Ways to Prevent Falls

Protect yourself from many of the common hazards that can lead to falls around your home.

Lose Weight, Improve Back Pain Control

The latest research is clear: extra weight puts an extra load on your discs and contributes to back pain.

What Is Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?

What is pelvic floor dysfunction? When the muscles and connective tissues that support your bladder, rectum, and reproductive organs are on the fritz, you can have incontinence, prolapse, or interstitial cystitis. Discover some of the steps you can take to restore order to your pelvic floor.
Stretching is (mostly) a waste of time

Stretching is (mostly) a waste of time

Researchers now believe that many of the reasons that people think stretching is good for them have no scientific validity. Discover the alternatives.

Organic Wine, No-Added-Sulfite Wine are Healthy Choices

Organic wine and no-added-sulfite wine contain health-boosting anti-oxidants with a minimum of harmful toxins. Check out a great online source for organic and no-added-sulfite wines.

Build Your Body’s Access to Abundant Energy

When our tissues gradually lose their sensitivity to the effects of the hormone insulin, we're at risk of developing chronic conditions like obesity, arthritis, chronic pain, dementia, or type 2 diabetes. But there are practical steps you can take to restore your cells' sensitivity to insulin.

Helicopter Parent Syndrome Starts on the Playground

Researchers from North Carolina State University studied the exercise children get when playing in neighborhood parks. Perhaps parents shouldn't keep too close an eye...

Gene Linked to Chronic Pain

British researchers have identified a gene in mice that's linked to neuropathic pain. Can this lead to a novel treatment approach for people with chronic pain?

Accentuate the negative: muscle injury recovery with eccentric workouts

Discover the secrets to safely rehabbing muscle injury - using the negative work phase of exercise.

Secret of a good chiropractic adjustment

What's the key to an effective chiropractic adjustment? Restoring normal joint play to the joints of the spine....
What causes spinal stenosis and what you can do about it

What causes spinal stenosis and what you can do about it

Discover the facts about lumbar spinal stenosis, a common degenerative condition of the low back that causes pain, impinges your nerves, and can make walking an uphill challenge.

Politics in healthcare

A good source for information about economic and political issues shaping our healthcare system.

Medical Deaths

Adverse events are so prevalent in the medical system that they comprise one of the leading causes of death in the United States.

New Support System Growing for Those with Chronic Illness

A new program is emerging that offers social support for people searching for natural diet and lifestyle solutions to chronic health problems.
The art of breathing – guest post

The art of breathing – guest post

Jessica Wolf's guest article on Carl Stough and the Art of Breathing.

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